Thursday, September 22, 2016

Education and maintenance are two important. High education in Malaysia is new and need good academic leadership. We cannot cut the budget.

At nursery of Merbau seedling for Taman Tugu. Among trees that need to be planted as this Merbau Tree are threaten in the wild.

Working with google for better image of nature in Malaysia. Easy to refer.

Cannot stop from talking about protection and conservation of biodiversity in Malaysia. Malaysia as top 12th megabiovdiversity in the world, actions to protect and conserve biodiversity must be serious and top priority.

We need more story for public to understand lecturer's function for the country's human resources development. Lecturers/professors are not just a teacher and the university is not a school. Some government officers also pretend they are forgotten wta is the university and the function of lecturers and think they are clever enough in making decisions.

Konvensyen anjuran Kongres MAAC yang menggabungkan semua 20 Universiti Awam (UA) seluruh negara itu bertujuan memartabat Kongres MACC sebagai platform utama menjaga kepentingan perkhidmatan 35,000 pensyarah di negara ini serta memperkasa profesyen akademik dan pendidikan tinggi nasional. Perjuangan diteruskan. Selanjutnya di :