Saturday, August 27, 2016

Mangrove declining. we need to replant them for better environment and food security.

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Kedah Coastline need to be planted with mangrove and probably coconut. BUT before that we need to study the possibility of reclaim the whole coastline. They are muddy and good for local fisheries.

Installing a home security system can be costly, but not installing one could cost you even more. That is the advertisement or necessary? If it is necessity, Why? we have a social problem!

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Studies at colleges or universities just a beginning. How you performed after graduated from the uiversities is the important one. Work hard at young age with good plan. End at the peak of your career with happiness and satisfaction..

Why we need to do recycle? Over the last decade humans have produced 10 times as much plastic as we have in the last century, and each year we throw away enough of the material to circle the earth 4 times. Americans alone throw away approximately 35 billion water bottles a year, all of which are still in existence in some form or another as plastic takes anywhere from 500-1000 years to disintegrate. The moral of this story? We use way too much plastic and that needs to change, or we (and the environment) could be faced with some serious consequences.
Volunteers try to clear a dam which is filled with discarded plastic bottles and other garbage,