Monday, December 5, 2016

This articles was in 2012. BUT since the BODEK issue is increasing lately, this article become viral aggressively. We need to change our people to be more professional. If the university's leaders cannot be professional enough in assessing their staff quality, what can we expect the whole products of professionals from the universities. It is a great challenge in the university since the merit are counted for promotion and leadership. University cannot compromise with integrity and quality of individual and knowledge.

Orang Asli, forest clearing and effect of logging activities to Taman Negara near Kuala Koh Kelantan have been discussed since 2013. Until now many NGOs and media are talking about the same issues. How far the authorities and general public concern with what had happened.

Just google "sungai panjang hornbills" you will see my pictures and my contribution in protecting and conserving hornbills in Sungai panjang sabak Bernam. Pressure on their habitat in sungai Kaarang and their ability to adapt and sharing habitat with human is some thing interesting and challenging in protecting and conserving this bird. My work since 2005 bring attention of local public and supporting the protection and conservation of hornbills. This Southern Pied Hornbills breeding in clay jar on the ground. Thank you for supporting this programme, I will continue in 2017.

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We need more private and corporate sectors to participate in nature conservation. They can provide grants for volunteers at rural areas to promote nature awareness and conservation.