Sunday, December 27, 2015

In modern world and rapid development in industry, agriculture, urbanisation and pharmaceuticals, an integrated discussion and analysis are needed. More ecotoxicologist are needed. Cases of Fukushima, Mexico Gulf, Chernovil are good examples. Continuous pollution of industrial and agricultural activities had challenged the scientists. BUT how far politician, administrators and leaders of local authorities respect this group of scientists.

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We need to meet more often to discuss on `future collaboration in the same fields of research between Malaysia and Indonesia especially in the border issues.

Why we do not practice integrated farming; rice, fish, duck, goat, frogs and others. We need to have a showcase to be a good model foe farmers to follow.

Academic leadership: Why we need a proper training and exposure? and Why we need to plan for it? We need to develop academic leaders that can meet current and future challenges and better prepares you to lead organizational change. Not that easy to change people even they are truly committed. We need people with brain and responsible for thinking strategically about their institutions' change agendas. Institution agendas, mission and culture are critical for future success. It is important for all leaders to know how to close the gap between your best leadership intentions and what you are actually able to accomplish.

Academic Leadership: We have vision, we have good strategic planning. we have facilities and infrastructure, BUT DO WE REALLY DO IT AS PLANED? Do we have right people to lead or just keep try and error after 58 years independent? OR we are waiting for top foreign university professors come and manager us? We need to move forward!!!

Historically keeping trophy of wildlife is practiced by the rich and royalty. They hunt wild animals occasionally. BUT now when the habitat of wildlife is shrinking and many illegal hunters. The government agencies are in difficult situation to control poaching activities and uncontrolled habitat loses. With rich people and royalty involvement, we think the conservation of wild life and their habitat should be better because they have power and money to support. I hope they are not greedy to make more money by reducing habitat for wildlife and misuse their opportunity and power. All reserve forests must be protected and conserved for wildlife habitat and future generations.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Complaint: We can complain when we are not satisfy with something or we did not getting good service especially when we pay a lot for the service. the service provider usually ordinary salaried workers and not the owner. More we complaint is better to the company. We spent money, energy and time for them. BUT because we cannot control our self we are giving them free advice.

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Fire has long been a popular way of quickly and cheaply clearing land on Indonesia's Sumatra island and the Indonesian part of Borneo, to make way for lucrative palm oil plantations.But the fires burn out of control and produce noxious haze during the months-long dry season, particularly when started on carbon-rich peatland. If every hectare burned in 2015 were converted to palm oil, the value would be about $8 billion. Indonesia is the world's biggest producer of the oil, used in numerous everyday goods from biscuits to shampoo. BUT More than half a million people suffered acute respiratory infections in Indonesia, while many in neighbouring Singapore and Malaysia also fell ill.

How scientists can work on post-haze episodes for better advise so that no more forest fire in Indonesia.

We have thousand of hectares of forest destroyed by private developers, which are the natural habitat of the orangutans, but no funding was forthcoming to relocate them to safer areas. Forest fires and the haze had compounded to the rapid decline in the orangutans’ survival, which numbered about 30,000 today compared to 60,000 in 2004. May be we need RM25.95mil a year to relocate the orangutans during the haze, where more than 500,000ha of forest was destroyed in Kalimantan. The air pollution index reached more than 350 and some of the orangutans that came to the centre suffered respiratory infection. Post-haze conservation programmes need to be established especially endangered species wildlife like orangutan.

May be many volunteers to help sick orangutan BUT how many volunteers to stop forest fires, deforestation, and poaching. We need to be proactive continuously remind the policy makers and the enforcement team.

PM: Innovation and creativity a necessity for Malaysia to survive post 2020 Read More :

We need more human resource trained in science in order to have more innovation and creativity. BUT we need to make science subjects interesting, simple and recognise. Teachers must be trained since they are the most important people in developing human resources.

Wildlife poaching and serve in restaurants continues. We need more public awareness campaign and education. Make all Malaysian function in protection and conserving wildlife.

Do we have a programme on academic leadership development?

The Academic Leadership Development Programme is one of important programme to develop potential leaders and focuses on fostering excellence in academic leadership at the University in Malaysia. Particular emphasis is placed on supporting new Heads of Department as they take up the role.
The programme provides opportunities for people to develop reflective leadership practice, grow in confidence, learn from peers in the community of university's leaders, extend understanding of the University and strengthen networks. 
A proper activities needed and strategically planned include individually tailored induction plans, mentors, peer learning groups, leadership coaching and timetabled activities (e.g. systematic series of 1-3 day courses, workshops and tutorials).

Selection for Vice Chancellors of any universities need to be very detail assessment and focus to the direction and strength of the university. Board of Directors must play positive roles in this selection. BUT what happen if the board members are not aware or clear of university's direction?

What are the criteria for the Vice Chancellor?
1. Must show clear leadership and proved past excellence experience and achievement with outstanding contribution over the past years.
2. Clear from past experience with strong commitment to the educational and scholarly values.
3. Able to strongly focus on academic mission, student experience and development of the university’s infrastructure.
5. Willing to work and develop further the talented, experienced, and dedicated colleagues to advance the university in  global position in research, scholarship, and teaching. 

Ten universities which feature in the top 60 of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings are led by women – and three of these female leaders are the third woman to head up their institution. Malaysia will see a tough competition soon OR just politic?

Experts believe bauxite mining areas in Pahang could cause dangerous mudslides and worsen floods if monsoon rains lash the state as expected. Even those who support the mining activities are calling for a stop until the rains go away. It is common phenomenon when the earth is exposed then follow up with heavy rain we will see mud flood and another tragedy. Man never learned from experience and fundamental knowledge.

According to the Minerals and Geoscience Department, production in Malaysia increased more than four-fold to 962,799 tonnes in 2014 from the year before. Bauxite ore is refined into aluminium and is in-demand in China.

We need to have good scientists and consistence in their research for long period not just following research grants like fish looking at baits.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

another challenge in oil palm industries. can algae become the alternative? Are we work hard enough OR comfortable in our silos and cronies?

Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Fading Field Traditional taxonomists are an endangered species: Some taxonomists feel that their legacies will live on even though they are retiring and leaving the lifelong studies that often began with an organic fascination in the natural world around them.

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For top biodiversity country in the world we need to have a pool of top biodiversity experts and taxonomist in the world. We need to allocate grants for this and government plan to have National History Museum or National Biodiversity Centre is a very good one. BUT WHEN IT WILL START?

Bauxite issue in Kuantan: Public, politician, authorities, Chief minister, Sultan and Media all are talking like supporting the environmental issues, health of public and wildlife, laws and enforcement, etc. BUT just talking (NATO=No action Talk Only). Even MNS (Malaysian Nature Society) too involve no effect. What we can conclude if the largest and oldest nature based society in Malaysia and its members are among the experts also ignored by the authority? Is this democracy and public concerned government? or Malaysia is just a political country.

If we compare our local university and Cambridge University for example, I think we are working harder. BUT why they are in front and remain at the top level in the world ranking?. Look at their tradition, systems, trust the professors, integrity and daily practices.

What a tragedy!!! whole experts, enforcement officers and policy makers are together saying that something need to be done. BUT no specific scientific evidence and technology can help or support argument. MONEY remain at the top. The POWER REMAIN STRONG to see the event continue to happen. The poor and Helpless and waiting for another disaster in very short period "monsoon".

Planting trees is not a ceremonials but it is a commitment for everybody to support our green activities.People asked me why you plant trees where as many other activities we can do. I do many activities from talk to recycle, jungle tracking to planting trees, seminar to research. A complete activities on nature protection and conservation. Join MNS, Malaysian Nature Society.

We need to do it in very aggressive way in order to promote nature protection and conservation. Showing movies is good but not effective enough for developing countries. more education at all levels and those who are living near protected forest.

Malaysian scientists should champion in this BUT we need active scientists, strong true leadership and funding..

Another international collaboration for better science. This meeting was focused in bilateral collaboration in marine sciences and fisheries.

The participants from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, America and Australia. Why American was there?