Saturday, December 31, 2011

Basic Sciences more Important than Technical

I am happy to hear from my friend who studied in USA 25 years a go in tourism business, now joint international volunteer group for Palestine and other major natural disaster in the world, about studies in basic sciences. Through his experiences and communication with many professionals in the world, he said all developed countries are very concern on basic sciences because basic sciences research support applied sciences. No wonder, he said in developed countries their technologies in all aspects growing very fast including engineering, medicines and information technology. We producing many engineers, doctors and IT's graduates to use their products instead of developing ours or improving imported technologies.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tips to Cut Your Cholesterol Fast

Don't smoke, Switch spreads, Eat nuts, Drink green, Go fish, Eat more fiber, Avoid saturated fat, Get moving, Consider medication and Set Target.

Climate Change, Global Warming can be an opportunity for business and hot topic now

May be KL International JAZZ Festival 2012 will include UPM

Jazz is a musical style that originated at the beginning of the 20th century in African American communities in the Southern United States. It was born out of a mix of African and European music traditions. From its early development until the present, jazz has incorporated music from 19th and 20th century American popular music.

If it come to UPM Great Hall, whole UPM should be proud and it shows that public including jazz musician also recognise UPM.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wildlife Conservation: Scientists studies on method of animal transportation, smugglers studies how to smuggle animals

If we trust scientists to head the administrative structure from the beginning, many new systems will be established in the administration prosedures

To day I went to renew driving licence in one minute. BUT waiting for nearly one hour. Why?. Very difficult to convince non-science background leaders. But they proud of introducing incomplete systems. In fact renewing licence/passport/etc., pay taxes.....we can do it at the machine counter like ATM machine or ebanking systems long time a go. Science graduates were trained to be more systematic and proper planning before implementing any system. They were trained to design their experiment, follow procedures, analysed data and make right conclusion.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Green Campus: How far we understand and commited for action?

Wildlife Conservation: commitmen and actions

Peripheral Nervous System Disorders

Over 100 different types of peripheral nervous system disorders exist. Among them are carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetic neuropathy, Guillain-Barre syndrome, polyneuropathy and thoracic outlet syndrome.
While some disorders are genetically inherited; others are the result of other ailments; occur after a virus, infection or injury; or are due to nerve compression.

Materialising Ideas; repeating, continuing, regular, persistence, patient, receiving, support, practicing, together and disseminating.

Many ideas, launching and popularity are just a ceremonial. We do not surprise if many ideas are not materialised. That's why we need more scientists. Scientists were trained to think, plan, design, gather data, analyse data, compare data and findings, and making conclusion then actions.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Is Algae The Key To Stop Further Climate Change?

alga has big appetite for carbon dioxide, a by product of burning fossil fuels. High absorption of carbon dioxide, a green house gas, by algae is a potential to reduce climate change and global warming issues.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Profesor dan thesis

1. Masa nak baca tesis. Masa dan ketenangan penting agar dapat focus kepada tesis dan adil dalam penilaian tesis.
2. Bawa tesis ke merata tempat, naik bas, bot, keretapi, kapal terbang dalam dan luar negara. Kadang-kadang masih tak sempat baca pun.
3. Tekanan membaca tesis yang tidak disediakan dengan baik.
4. Terpaksa mencari tempat sunyi, di hotel, tengah malam atau dalam kereta. Kadang-kadang tengah malam anak tidur, kucing pula ganggu.
5. Makanya, bagi negara maju, mereka menghormati profesor dan memastikan profesor mempunyai kualiti yang sepatutnya.

Monday, December 19, 2011

What curriculum and professors should provide for the biology students

What do biologists do?
There are several career paths you can follow as a biologist, including these:

Research: Research biologists study the natural world, using the latest scientific tools and techniques in both laboratory settings and the outdoors, to understand how living systems work. Many work in exotic locations around the world, and what they discover increases our understanding of biology and may be put to practical use to find solutions to specific problems.

Health care: Biologists may develop public health campaigns to defeat illnesses such as tuberculosis, AIDS, cancer, and heart disease. Others work to prevent the spread of rare, deadly diseases, such as the now infamous Ebola virus. Veterinarians tend to sick and injured animals, and doctors, dentists, nurses, and other health care professionals maintain the general health and well being of their patients.

Environmental management and conservation: Biologists in management and conservation careers are interested in solving environmental problems and preserving the natural world for future generations. Park rangers protect state and national parks, help preserve their natural resources, and educate the general public. Zoo biologists carry out endangered species recovery programs. In addition, management and conservation biologists often work with members of a community such as landowners and special interest groups to develop and implement management plans.

Education: Life science educators enjoy working with people and encouraging them to learn new things, whether in a classroom, a research lab, the field, or a museum.

Colleges and universities: Professors and lecturers teach introductory and advanced biology courses. They may also mentor students with projects and direct research programs.
Primary and secondary schools: Teaching younger students requires a general knowledge of science and skill at working with different kinds of learners. High school teachers often specialize in biology and teach other courses of personal interest.
Science museums, zoos, aquariums, parks, and nature centers: Educators in these settings may design exhibits and educational programs, in addition to teaching special classes or leading tours and nature hikes.

Future for biologist

New directions in biological careers: There are many careers for biologists who want to combine their scientific training with interests in other fields. Here are some examples:

Biotechnology: Biologists apply scientific principles to develop and enhance products, tools, and technological advances in fields such as agriculture, food science, and medicine.
Forensic science: Forensic biologists work with police departments and other law enforcement agencies using scientific methods to discover and process evidence that can be used to solve crimes.
Politics and policy: Science advisors work with lawmakers to create new legislation on topics such as biomedical research and environmental protection. Their input is essential, ensuring that decisions are based upon solid science.
Business and industry: Biologists work with drug companies and providers of scientific products and services to research and test new products. They also work in sales, marketing, and public relations positions.
Economics: Trained professionals work with the government and other organizations to study and address the economic impacts of biological issues, such as species extinctions, forest protection, and environmental pollution.
Mathematics: Biologists in fields such as bioinformatics and computational biology apply mathematical techniques to solve biological problems, such as modeling ecosystem processes and gene sequencing.
Science writing and communication: Journalists and writers with a science background inform the general public about relevant and emerging biological issues.
Art: All the illustrations in your biology textbook, as well as in newspaper and magazine science articles, were created by talented artists with a thorough understanding of biology.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Domestic Waste: segregation, collection and recycle

We can save our energy, money, and space. OR may be we can make money!! frpm our domestic waste.

All must involve in agriculture for our food security

May be universities and colleges should involve in one village one product through "Bakti Siswa" programme.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Master Chef: testing chef or food? Professor: assessing professor or students?

we do not go to hotel to do chef testing but food testing. Same thing we should look for quality graduates not professors. BUT quality professors will produce a quality graduates. Who can assess the professors?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Background training and administrative style

A an ecologist may be they look and different approach such as survival, succession, climax, hierarchy, satisfaction, niche, rewards, respect, etc. May be doctors with their diagnose and treatment, engineer with their design and built, etc.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Laboratory biosafety manual

Many understand about the danger of bacteria, virus and other pathogens. Poisonous animals and foreign animals also need to be considered. But how far we care about biosafety? How far the researchers taking care about biological materials that contaminated the laboratory environment? Do we have a procedures, equipments, facilities and monitoring process?

Why guard sometime sleeping while they are on duty: may be related to how the management making decision

Analyse this story ( one example of story).

The discussion on the safety and security of laboratory equipments and staff or students working in the lab.
After long discussion on the related cases or accidents in the laboratories, the discussion focused on the how to monitor the activities in the laboratories so that the laboratories are safe to work, researchers safety, all users follow the procedures, all equipments are in good order, no missing equipments and avoid death and fire accident. The suggestion usually employ the security staff and implement the security systems such as register names while researchers in the laboratory, do not lock the laboratory where someone is working, check all laboratories every half an hour or every one hour with evidence. After another long discussion on the cases on human attitude, the final decision by the management is only one door will be opened (main door), every body must write name in log book every hour at the front door or gate, provide a comfortable space for the security to sit at the main door (be there).

All researchers must understand the procedures, safety and their belonging related to their research. They must be responsible to all related to their research and take care of their self. If this is happen, we do not need the security. Then we do not have problems of they are sleeping or missing while they are working or guarding the properties.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Postgraduate students still important in research university. Therefore supervisory systems must be strengthen and efficient.

We must have good environment to study, enough facilities and expertise, attractive research field and popular professors. All relevant departments have to do something to attract good quality of postgraduate students. Postgraduate students that are capable of doing high quality research and producing good publications. To achieve this we must have good professors.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Are we serious in promoting our institution?

promoting our own institution is very important. not just let others know about our institution But may be will create more opportunities or getting better salary.

Media can play roles in promoting scientists. BUT how many journalist interested or willing to do.

Probably we need to work hard and spent a lot of money to change people. May be the academician or scientists shoud be paid more. If teachers can get high sallary scheme, why not lecturers?

Renewable energy and green Building: An urgent research or just another business opportunity

Hot Discussion on Green Life, Technology, Environment

Hot discussion on "is green really green" by the panelists and audience from government agencies, private sectors, professionals and general public. The discussion was moderated by Professor Dr. Ahmad Ismail from Universiti Putra Malaysia. The main issues discussed for nearly two hours were public attitude, practices and understanding about green, demand from business and consumers, planning, education, regulations and enforcement.

Stress JOB?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Scientists were trained to talk based on data and facts. Make conclusion based on the analyses of data and facts and NOT hear say.

This made many scientists cannot be with the main public which usually listen to general opinion and hear say. The worst part they cannot follow the normal religious person who failed to give reasons regarding god the creator. Scientists always looking for reasons, logics and evidences. They do as what they think and talk. In history, Islam and Science are together to bring people believe in God. Religious people need to be expose in science. May be they need to follow a simple environmental education or nature and environmental appreciation programme in Air Hitam Forest Reserve.

Astrology, Astronomy and Islam

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Networking is very important in developing science at the world level. How far the local leaders aware, funding allocated and effort the country put.

If Malaysia really looking forward for vision 2020 and world class in science and technology, more scientists need to be recruited, more money need to be allocated and definitely all seniour scientists need to be respected and given chance freely to develop young scientists.All professors are leaders in their field, give them money and task and make sure we have enough scientists in 2020, nine years to go. Recent misleading thinking and decision where professors should find their own money for their research and research grants only for the young one, we will see the failure soon. We do not want to regret after we retired.

Planning for the Development of National Collection Centre for Nature Samples need a proper design and commitment: It needs EXPERTS!

Collection Centre not just to store samples but for research, teaching and reference centre not only at local and regional level but global.