Monday, December 31, 2012

If Malaysia going to high income society, this need to be considered. Culture, Religion, education, design of social activities, promotion, media, etc. need to be more proactive. Can current trend of government officers can think of this issues.

Australia's sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll boom! How a strong economy Down Under has led to ilicit sidelines:

Average yearly wage in Australia has hit £47,000

Heroin and ecstasy sell for eight times more than in Britain and the U.S.

Police intercepted drugs hidden in a 20 ton steamroller and a wooden altar

Ticket to see Bruce Springsteen cost £140 in Australia but £58 in U.S.

Sex worker

"Australia, once an 18th century penal colony, is still attracting criminals although it would seem they are now going there out of choice," the report, begins.

"The nation’s strong economy, high currency and wages have now made it a magnet for international drug smugglers and foreign sex workers.

"Even rock and roll stars are getting in on the act and reaping rewards of performing in a country that is prepared to pay top dollar to have them."

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How to Control Uric Acid Through Diet: Fruits and vegetables always he choice!

If you've had gout, you understand how painful a build up of uric acid in your blood stream can be. Uric acid is a byproduct of purines, which are found both naturally in the body and in food. Lowering the amount of purine you introduce to your body can help control uric acid. Unlike most diets, controlling uric acid isn't so much about what you should eat as what you shouldn't eat.
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Seminar, conference and workshops: among the platforms of communication, exchange ideas and sharing knowledge, developing new networking, etc. BUT why now when academician are looking at impact factors journals we have less seminar, symposium and conferences. This is good for young scientists. 2013 we will organise FSC (Fundamental Science Congress) see the response. This is an annual event organnise by Faculty of Science, UPM.

Communication is very important for feeling, asking, delivering,....communication through oral, writing, onsite, distance,.... but do we need to have diploma or degree in communication or just develop skills?
2/19/2012 · Why is Communication Important Without communication, we all might as well have been doomed. How we convey what we feel, and what it is we need, cannot be ...
11/26/2006 · Best Answer: Communication is not only important, but without it, human life would be non-existent. We have to be able to communicate on a personal level ...
11/21/2007 ·
Many scientists say that the human dominance over animals is the language - the fact that we think and communicate in words. We can speak but still we don't always understand each other. Why is this happen?
Communication is not that easy as it seems and speaking is only one of the elements that it consists of. Apparently it's accepted that the words account for only 7-11% of it. There is also a body language that many people aren't aware of existing or don't know how to use. And if speech and body don't go with themselves someone can be easily misinterpreted. Intentions won't be clear enough.
But nowadays many people realize that good communication skills are not only the key to a good business but also a key to a good living. If you can't communicate your thoughts and ideas correctly you won't earn anything in this world.
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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Two days more all over the world will repeat again what they found not good for their health last year. May be some people will change their way of new year celebration this year. Happy New Year 2013

World to welcome in New Year with a bang
Happy New Year 2013

Need new laws and effective education. Unfortunately the authority like PERHILITAN look like no ideas what and how to do. May be they do not believe in research! Perhaps we need to educate their top officers first. So that they can plan the effective strategies in wildlife protection and conservation in Malaysia like this poor tapir.

If it is near UPM we can keep it for exhibition in wildlife and biodiversity related courses. I wonder what happened to this dead tapir.

Orientation for Form One studets is to make sure they are ready with new school systems: Another New Hope.

How far the schools are ready with the new set of students or just following the previous year. This group of students probably have different style and momentum especially they were born in Dragon Year according to Chinese calender. How far schools follow the country's mission for 2020 and beyond. How about promoting science or still at traditional thinking conflict of social economic and religious issues of typical developing countries. We are moving towards developed countries. a lot of maintenance service, technical, management and leadership.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Many times before I was talking about basic sciences and mosquitoes. All understand about mosquitoes life cycle and how to prevent it. BUT how many do it.

Controlling mosquitoes can develop team work, collaboration, cooperation, care, love,...... and many more including changing attitude of neighbours.

Perception or Hypothesis? But if hypothesis usually followed up by research, observation and conclusion. To day I found seniour retired professors made a conclusion that I cannot be trusted and cannot be a good leader. I asked him why? Because you only think about your self when you are the leader. I said, this common if you choose successful individual to be a leader. This is common comment for those who want leaders follow thier ideas or probably the ideas came from failed leaders..

For me leaders must think of the organisation that he or her heading, direction of the organisation and all staff together understand the vision and mission. Together move forward.
But many are thinking about them self and how to use the organisation to develop them self. The supporters too having similar attitudes. If the cannot get the benefit then they don't like their leaders.
At least I have a clear stand and no one can change it so far.
So I am sorry if I'm not with many. Just do it for the organisation not just for your self.

Drinks that can keep you from getting ill : another healthy guide from our local and traditional food or drinks. why we do not develop our own fomular. another opportunities for young scientists.

By getting a mega dose of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in liquid form, you're making it easier for your system to digest and absorb them, says nutrition expert.
Your mom knew what she was talking about when she made you drink tea at the first sign of a cold: Hot drinks stimulate digestion, ease cold and flu symptoms, and give your immune system the extra kick it needs to fight germs. In fact, people who drank five cups a day of black tea for two weeks had 10 times more virus-fighting cells in their blood than people who drank a placebo hot drink, finds a Harvard study. Sweeten your immune-revving cup with honey, which offers its own health-boosting antioxidants. The darker the honey, the more antioxidants, so opt for varieties like buckwheat to get the best kick.

Why our science students are not creative enough? may be they are not in the right stream of study that they like. OR may be the curricullum and teaching style are not changing them in to creative students. OR they are still at school culture. We need to develop a true university culture.

University must think hard to create environment that the students will enjoy their studies, like the subjects and crazy thinking, imagination, and creative in experimenting their knowledge and imagination freely. Professors are motivator, guide and ideas openingThis will make students satisfy, getting true knowledge and enjoy their study or stay in the university. With this spirit the students will gain more knowledge and easily employable which later will satisfy the employer. All these will make professors are happy, enjoy and productive beside develop confident among the potential employers.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Food that can shorten your lifespan: why we are waiting so long to get information on healthy life, diseases and quality food. This is basic and routin work.

Food that can shorten your lifespan (Thinkstock)
We've heard many times before that too much red meat is bad for us, but this study of more than 100,000 people still got the nation's attention. For the first time, researchers estimated the effect of red meat on a person's lifespan—and the news wasn't good.
On average, each additional serving of saturated fat-filled red meat was associated with a 13% higher risk of dying during the 28-year study. Processed meat products such as hot dogs, bacon, and salami were especially hazardous. The antidote? Eating more fish, poultry, whole grains, and low-fat dairy may lower your risk of dying prematurely, the study found.

Very interesting presentation today by the young scientist on how to protect the environment and educate public on the environmental issues. They are very creative and energetic. I have the opportunity to talk to them one year a go and now they produced something amazing. They were recieved reward from DENSO. More corporate sectors should support this programme.

Why don't we do it at the university levels?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

As I mentioned many times, this is why basic research is important. We can analyse all nutrient content our local fruits and vegetables. In fact all school schilden in schools can do this.

The Star: Thursday December 27, 2012

Mardi: Local fruits are better

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia is rich in tropical fruits like durian, mangosteen, rambutan, duku and langsat. However, many people believe that consuming a large quantity of these fruits may lead to health problems.

Some people believe that imported fruits like apples and grapes are more nutritious.

However, the results of a study conducted by the Malaysian Agriculture Research and Development Institute (Mardi), concluded otherwise.

“I do not believe that consuming seasonal tropical fruits like durian and mangosteen can lead to health problems. In fact, these fruits are unique, tasty and nutritious.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We have many Macaca fascicularis and some times they create conflicts and problems with human. But we do not understand their biology, behaviour and ecology completely. One short ideas were to kill them or use them as an experimental animals or eat them. But we are not strong enough to do it. World community will protest it. Furthermore Malaysian society will not do it except very rare. So we need too work hard looking for ideas and solution for management and get the benefits from this monkeys.



Source : The Malay Mail, Malaysia, 06 Jul 2009
By : Darshini Kandasamy
Monkey Lab : French proposal for Johor lab draws UK protest
No laws governing animal experiments in Malaysia, say British groups

World's longest high-speed rail line opens in China: What make China can do it. May be they plan to make it happen. Develop scientists and basic sciences. Million of them united for one great finding. Can we do it. Yes we can if we have great leaders and united with clear vision and mission.

BEIJING, China - China has opened the world's longest high-speed rail line, which runs 2,298 kilometres (1,428 miles) from the country's capital in the north to Guangzhou, an economic hub in the Pearl River delta in southern China.
The line officially opened Wednesday when a train departed from Beijing at 9 a.m. for Guangzhou. Another train left Guangzhou for Beijing an hour later.
Trains on this high-speed line will initially run at 300 kph (186 mph) with a total travel time of about eight hours. Before, the fastest time between the two cities by train was more than 20 hours.
CRH380 (China Railway High-speed) Harmony bullet trains at a high-speed train maintenance base in Wuhan, Hubei province. (Stringer/Reuters)
Train as important transportation in the future.  For young students, this is your future career. Not just an engineer but all related to it.

Schools still with the old systems, primitive and nontechnological thinking. Teaching transformation in school!

We are now with the new technology. all information at our finger tips. Why all students have to submit all new information every year. All information should be online and can be updated by all parents and students. Why we still have to submit all passport size photo, pay slip, declare incomes,..... schools become more business entity when look at the book lists, selling books. Less teaching materials from teachers and schools. So what are the teachers for.

Need transformation. Train teachers how to teach in the class room. Guide students to self study at home. Then they can choose to go for tuition or doing it by them self. In schools probably teaching is happening but no learning process among the students.

Who is going to change it!

Country's Transformation should start from school: teachers are important transformer. they need to be structured, trained, assessed their performance, achievement and monitored. The minister, political power and top management must be strong and persistence.

We always talk about first class facilities but third class mentality.
We need to change this perception and habit.
With current situation, life style and tend, all must start from school.
Look heavy for teachers, but with a proper structure, systems, governance, and commitment things will run smoothly as planned. Malaysian society still respect teachers and government policies. We cannnot wait until all taken over by the private sectors and cost will be high. Then our society facing more problems.

How to assess schools performance?.....Look at their first day of school and how they prepare for new term!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What are we waiting for? We want to make tapir become like Sumatran Rhinocerous? Urgent research needed. Do not manage tapir like another wildlife trophy. This is living animals in the wild. Understand their nature.

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species(tm)
Tapirus indicus
Malayan tapir range map
This species is listed as Endangered due to an ongoing decline estimated from loss of available habitat, fragmentation of remaining habitat and increasingly hunting pressure. Population declines are estimated to be greater than 50% in the past 3 generation (36 years) driven primarily by large scale conversion of lowland tapir habitat to palm oil plantations and other human dominated land-use. The rate of reduction in population is inferred to be proportional to the reduction of the tropical rainforest area in southeast Asia over the same period ? but may be more due to indirect threats. Remaining populations are isolated in existing protected areas and forest fragments, which are discontinuous and offer little ability for genetic exchange for these forest dependant species. This situation is expected to continue at a slightly diminishing rate in the future as non-protected areas, which are available as logging concessions, become less available. Because hunting seems to be increasing for tapir throughout the range ? this could be cause for concern in the future as already reduced and isolated subpopulations would be at great risk for extirpation.
2003Vulnerable (IUCN 2003)
1994Endangered (Groombridge 1994)
1990Endangered (IUCN 1990)
1988Endangered (IUCN Conservation Monitoring Centre 1988)
1986Endangered (IUCN Conservation Monitoring Centre 1986)

Do we really believe in what we are talking on biodiversity and conservation? We need official leaders. Authority and the government nedd to lead. We sign many agreemenst, treaties and understandings, but how far we implement at lower levels. How far the leaders or officers understand the government policies and implement it. OR they like meetings OR too many ladies leading wrong fields. We must be practical in talking, making the policies and implement it. Research is very if we want to see the future of wildlife conservation. Authorities must change their mind set instead of just looking at the policies, they have to believe in research too. Another thing they should learn to believe the local scientists.

File:Malayan Tapir Habitat 2003.png
We do not plan to invest money to understand more on distribution, biology and ecology of potential extinction of animals. we just waiting for information coming from foreign scientists and or words from them. We are not sensitive to local voices. May we think all government officers are too clever. authority, too powerful....etc. just like British colonial time. We need to change after independent 57 years. Look at elephant, rhinocerous, tapir, milky stork, tiger, serow and many more.... we just talk, making noise, lying to people etc. still NATO.

Managing Wildlife in the forest is not like managing wildlife trophy. We cannot just creating laws to protect wildlife but we need to understand biology, ecology, human conflict of the individual species.

We do not want the authorities just keeping animals for exhibition without understanding their nature. One day we cannot keep them when we have ecological pressure. We need to understand them and therefore research is vital.
Central stable
What is their future if just exhibit and waiting for dying. We need to do research to find more information in case we are facing problems and like to promote conservation. tapir is facing threat in the future due to habitat loss and fragmentation of the forest. If our mentality is just like keeping animal trophy then this tapir have no future.
What had happen to these rhino. They were kept as a living trophy too before. now they are no more and some of them are truly trophy.

Now adays people love animals more than human. Why? one reason may be because of communication. Less arguement probably or too much demanding. Understanding nature, culture and religion is important. Education systems and media roles need to be strengthens. NOT just business and money.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Wildlife Department and Their Research Direction and Spirit: If wildlife department of Malaysia want to see wildlife conservation and sustainability of our biodiversity, research on wildlife is very important. Current Wildlife Department must change their spirit from hiding information to open research information and publication. We need accurate information, manpower and technology. thereore expert and interest team need to be developed.

 We need to believe ans develop trust and confident to local scientists too in research. Other wise local can only become the passengers. Foreign scientists just doing research to get data and understanding ecology and life of our wildlife. But local will educate others. If we want to protect and conserve our wildlife, we must develop our own experts in wild life and trust them.
If the authority like Perhilitan do not support research on wildlife which they are responsible on it, do not support grants and trust foreigners rather than the local scientists. One day we will see no more wildlife in Malaysia

Team Building; together we show: Sometimes gathering like this is very important to bring members of the organisation together. In this environment they can understand better the vision and mission on the organisation and together achieve it.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Biodiversity Forum continue and become an annual event. But Malaysia still claimed it have enough green and natural forest. But is it enough for al animals. Many can argue because we dont have enough data.

If National Biodiversity Centre need to establish, we need to have 200 of researchers in biodiversity related subjects. can we have it in 8 years? I biodiversity policy we have a target by 2020 Malaysia achieve target of the policy. May be the policy need to be reviewed  soon!

Cancer: A scary disease? or peaople are talking when some one died because of cancer. What caused cancer? How to avoid or reduce cancer? OR some promoting knowledge on cancer for money.

you have to scan for cancer so that you are confident when you know that you are free from cancer. But what caused cancer actualy? go for a test. Very minimum charges......Photo: More campaign on cancer and cigarettes, cigarettes industries and cancer research and Service centres increasing.

Majlis Professor Negara: Who are they and what are their functions? Gathering once a year?

What professors can contribute to public. If 10 professor per district in Malaysia, I think the development of the areas can be well supervised. Especially in changing local attitude towards success. We have only 8 years to 2020. Can we achieve? and are we prepared?

Ford Motor Company Conservation & Environment Grants: another commitment in engaging public and environment.

Photo: Little money. But mns can do. Thank you Ford.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Producig a functional graduates, become international repute university and creating wealth of the nation are among important vision for the universities in developed countries.

For the functional graduates we need to look at the good students, employable graduates, students satisfaction and employer satisfaction. Academic staff must be good, working hard, make sure effective teaching and learning and bringing research into the lecture. Traditional teaching styles need to be changed. Students need to be proactive, responsive and mastering subjects taught in class, not just listening and taking notes. Lecturers must be high knowledge and skills in their fields and able to change mindset and thinking quality of the students.

Blue Ocean Strategy: I did not realise that I already apply it for my self since I was small but no body recognised it. Now when I read the book, I realised I shouldnt listen to "apa orang kata" (what people say) OR just Do It as Nike advice. Some time our backgroud culture, lifestyles and economic status play very important roles in practicing Blue Ocean Strategy.

Blue Ocean Strategy is a business strategy book first published in 2005 and written by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne of The Blue Ocean Strategy Institute at INSEAD. The book illustrates what the authors believe is the best organizational strategy to generate growth and profits. Blue Ocean Strategy suggests that an organization should create new demand in an uncontested market space, or a "Blue Ocean", rather than compete head-to-head with other suppliers in an existing industry.


Blue ocean strategy vs. red ocean strategy
Kim and Mauborgne argue that while traditional competition-based strategies (red ocean strategies) are necessary, they are not sufficient to sustain high performance. Companies need to go beyond competing.
Blue ocean strategy, on the other hand, is based on the view that market boundaries and industry structure are not given and can be reconstructed by the actions and beliefs of industry players. This is what the authors call “reconstructionist view”. Assuming that structure and market boundaries exist only in managers’ minds, practitioners who hold this view do not let existing market structures limit their thinking.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

For us may be nothing to say about animal behaviour BUT if we study in detail may be something we can do or design for human benefit.

 Tongue movement very fast difficult to take picture.
US researchers explain how cats lap liquids with elegance (you can see in my blog in 2011)
Cats cannot close their mouths and create suction. With help from high-speed video taken of felines lapping liquid, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Princeton University found that household cats and larger felines like tigers balance gravity and inertia as they imbibe liquids. They observed when cats insert their tongue into a bowl of liquid, the top surface of the tongue touches the liquid first, then the tip curves like a letter J to form a sort of ladle. This was first observed by an MIT engineer, who filmed a cat lapping liquid in 1940.
However by studying the images researchers have now determined that there is no ladling effect, but instead the cat's tongue darts in and out so quickly that the action forms a column of liquid.
"Cats, unlike dogs, aren't dipping their tongues into the liquid like ladles after all," Instead, the smooth tip of cat's tongue "barely brushes the surface of the liquid before the cat rapidly draws its tongue back up. "As it does so, a column of milk forms between the moving tongue and the liquid's surface. The cat then closes its mouth, pinching off the top of the column for a nice drink, while keeping its chin dry."
The liquid column "is created by a delicate balance between gravity, which pulls the liquid back to the bowl, and inertia, which in physics, refers to the tendency of the liquid or any matter, to continue moving in a direction unless another force interferes."
The cat "instinctively knows just how quickly to lap in order to balance these two forces, and just when to close its mouth. If it waits another fraction of a second, the force of gravity will overtake inertia, causing the column to break, the liquid to fall back into the bowl, and the cat's tongue to come up empty."
Cats average about four laps per second, with each lap bringing in about 0.1 milliliters of liquid, the researchers said, adding that larger felines lap at a slower pace.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

All facilities must be used accordingly. We definitely need to develop more scientists in biology

Sometimes only one person can convince foreign experts to collaborate with Malaysia. but how far the other scientists are following their leaders or just ego with their microscopic fields? We need to be open, liberal and giving more chance to develop young scientists. Post doctoral programme among Malaysian must be urgently given opportunity.

 A lot of potential research collaboration between UPM and Seffield University. This is what two head of Departments, Department of Biology UPM and  Animal and Plant Science Department , Seffield University. Tropical ecology and biodiversity of flora and fauna and bring more scientists from UK to collaborate.