Saturday, October 24, 2015

Thirty years a go I proposed two courses Wildlife Ecology and Ecotoxicology in UPM. I said this is future course for developed country. Some people laughed at me. in fact today still some primitive people laughed at me. At international level they understand and support my thinking. In science we should be positive and support ideas.

Malaysian agriculture needs new farming practices, business models, and reinvented supply/value chains. The decline of the value of the Ringgit will help Malaysian farmers find a new era of competitiveness that the sector has never had.

We need to have more meetings exchange ideas for action in conservation of primates in Malaysia.

All brainy professors have to work hard looking for their own money for their own salary and research. BUT the systems must change. Those who get money will get some percentage from the funds. If the lowest level of clerk in bursar office controlling money may be they are not interested especially those are close to retirement.

Checking the list of the worst man-made environmental disasters ever, Indonesia’s fires are probably the biggest global environmental disaster of the 21st centuryWhy has the Indonesian government not taken serious steps to stop and control the fire and haze problem? Are the few helicopters and water bombers, an insufficient supply of the right type of face masks, and some canals dug in the peat to guide water to fires really the best the government can do? We need help if Indonesia do not need help! at lease to reduce haze in Malaysia..

The researchers rated each type of attraction on animal welfare and conservation. Animal welfare scores were based on factors such as adequate food and water, freedom from pain and injury, ability to behave normally, and level of stress.
Picture of tourists playing with tiger

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Journalist keep writing same issues for many times. Vision & Mission clear, issues are the same, action limited, why? lack of knowledge and lazy to do research.

Animal welfare in zoo: need to understand more about behaviour, physiology, diseases, and environmental factors.

AL Quran: Al Mumenoon (23) verse 12-22: Another direct from Al-Quran on the formation of human from gamete to fetuses.

May be Al-Quran should be the best guidance for scientists to explain better on Ecology and integrated life of human, animals and other creatures life.

How far we follow and practice and enforce the laws that we created. How far we trained our enforcement staff and how far our wildlife lawyers are clever to protect and enforce our laws.

who are listening to scientists crying for help? Data and ideas from scientists just to help the world. BUT political power and greedy business that will destroy the world and make few people happy are more heard by majority.

When we can create academic culture in our local universities? How professors can change the current culture. We are spoiled by school culture and foreign students. What ever it is we must respect and value our professors and the professors must mantain the quality.

We keep asking "sampai bila?" and continously asking if we do not doing anything. Scientists must give quick and true data to make public aware and proactive in solving the problems.

Where are the scientists and conservationist to advice systematic and sustainability development in RUPAT ISLAND near Sumatera. This island is very important for migratory birds and raptors since this land is the closest to Peninsular Malaysia linking to the mainland.

Mistaken with fog Haze is more problems in long term and short term effect on our health