Sunday, February 22, 2015

Academic institution and their achievement cannot be politicised. We must look it positively and analyse all academic aspects. All Malaysian must support the succession of academic and higher education in Malaysia. Before we are depending on foreign universities to train our graduates but now many of top universities in the world are collaboration with us and accepting our graduates to continue higher degrees in their universities.

Bernama reported Idris saying Malaysia's higher education is now on par with those of developed nations, including the UK, Germany and Australia. He said this was proven by the fact that 135,000 foreign students made up 10% of students at national higher educational institutions in the country. "Now, foreign students are confident of studying in Malaysia compared with previously, more so with the strong economic development, and the stable and well-administered government in the country," Idris told reporters in Jerteh.
He said Malaysia was now the ninth most popular destination for foreign students in various fields including engineering, agriculture, and information and communication technology. Idris said Universiti Malaya was now in 151st position (up from 167) in the 2014 QS World Ranking, while four other Malaysian institutions that have improved their ranking compared with last year were Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in 259th place (269 in 2013), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in 294th spot (355), Universiti Sains Malaysia in 309th position and Universiti Putra Malaysia in 376th spot. Idris said the countries that have started sending their students to study in Malaysia included Australia and China. He urged the public not to be influenced by those who liked to tarnish the government by saying the educational system in the country was still backward. – February 22, 2015.
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Malaysia have many holidays and every holiday people like to go back home-town visiting families. This will caused long traffic jams and road accidents.In England too during Christmas people travel home to visit their parents or relatives. BUT they still drive fast at minimum limit 70mile per hour and almost zero accidents. Why? good traffic control along the highway,drivers disciplines, law and enforcement and publicity.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

A continuous activities to promote cycling on campus. Bicycles are sponsored by Coca-cola

Whole family missed LeRoy our cat. He was hit by car in front of our house. In the blue bowl the place where LeRoy and Kenzo were slept when they were small. Both are hit by cars. They were Very naughty but very loving.

May be we can look at the history of birds sanctuary and birds migration including raptors in Tanjung Tuan, Melaka. BUT we still do not know the real path way after Tanjung Tuan. May be along the mountain range of Peninsular Malaysia.

Another year of raptors counting at Tanjung Tuan Melaka. Now raptors are flying back to north from south crossing Straits of Malaca from Rupat island in Sumatera Indonesia to Tanjung Tuan Melaka the nearest point to cross. In 45 minutes they cross the Straits of Malacca. We need to understand more about their migration in order to conserve raptors.

In Malaysian no one can question 75 year old Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) activities in education and conservation. It is the most active and effective society in nature education and conservation in Malaysia.

Reported articles said if China and Japan stop carving and using ivory then the pouching and smuggling ivory will stop.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Fireworks: chemical pollution, noise, tradition


Fireworks are used to drive away the evil in China. Right after 12:00PM on New Year's Eve, fireworks will be launched to celebrate the coming of the New Year as well as to drive away the evil. It is believed that the person who launched the first firework of the New Year will obtain good luck.

A lot of campaign on dengue but still cases in Malaysia increasing. How to do it?, changing people attitude, enforcement, corruption or need more scientific studies?

Wildlife poaching, killing or poisoning are common problem. Many are aware that the wild animals need to be conserved and protect their habitat BUT only theory. The authority always said that they will do the best to keep the animal a life but unfortunately we have to protect the human being first. Nature not just leave it as usual but need to be studied and adapt to the current demand. Long term studies needed and with the current development, studies on nature is very urgent.

Members of the Special Task Force move the body of a tiger which was shot and killed during an operation at Gudalur forests, in southern Tamil Nadu state on February 18, 2015. -AFP
Members of the Special Task Force move the body of a tiger which was shot and killed during an operation at Gudalur forests, in southern Tamil Nadu state on February 18, 2015. -AFP

More than half of the world’s rapidly dwindling wild tiger population lives in India with a recent census reporting a 30 percent jump in their numbers in the last four years to 2,226.   
“Man-eating tigers are very rare. This particular tiger probably had multiple injuries, it may have lost its territory and was expelled from there,“
The Indian government has been working to reduce deadly encounters between tigers and humans, as farmers and others encroach on their forests, forcing the cats to stray in search of water and food.

I do not know why teaching and learning biology is so difficult now a days. Everything in the internet diagram, video and lecture. Just spent time on it.

I repeat again what I have said over two years a go: For the functional graduates we need to look at the good students, employable graduates, students satisfaction and employer satisfaction. Academic staff must be good, working hard, make sure effective teaching and learning and bringing research into the lecture. Traditional teaching styles need to be changed. Students need to be proactive, responsive and mastering subjects taught in class, not just listening and taking notes. Lecturers must be high knowledge and skills in their fields and able to change mindset and thinking quality of the students.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Malaysian is very unique country with truly multi-culture and religions. Historically each race and believers respect each other culture and religion. BUT now new generation and fighting for political power all society need to reenergise on tolerance and respect in order to keep the Malaysian society living in harmony and comfortable life.

Gong Xi Fa Cai. Happy Chinese New Year!!!

The Goat comes 8th in the Chinese zodiac. The 12 zodiac animals are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. 
According to Chinese astrology, each year (starting from Chinese New Year) is associated with an animal sign, occurring in a 12-year cycle. For example 2015 is a year of the Goat.
  • Lucky Colors: brown, red, purple
  • Lucky Numbers: 2, 7
  • Lucky Flowers: carnation, primrose
  • Year of Birth: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027
Goat Monthly Luck

The Year of the Goat

Every second your body is silently working hard to protect you from infection and disease. And now this powerful process has been caught in a timelapse that reveals just how aggressive white blood cells can be. This simple research with high creativiy and technologies may be cannot imagine by our panel assessors of our proposal. Our brain and eyes still small. Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Saturday, February 14, 2015

mosquitoes infected with a bacteria called Wolbachia were introduced in small numbers to communities in northern Australia. Research has shown that Wolbachia prevents mosquitoes from transmitting dengue. Can we practice in Malaysia since Malaysian like to copies others. We should be more aggressive in research especially related this critical dengue disease
Dengue is transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which can pick up the virus from an infected human and transmit it to the next person it bites. – The Malaysian Insider pic, June 16, 2014.

This year Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) Celebrating 75th year of the oldest nature based society in Malaysia. Please support MNS for conservation of nature in Malaysia.

Conservation is not just for scientists but for all. Therefore all works must be informed to public. Media plays an important roles to reach the public.

May be after 3 years we can do it again as a contribution to the biodiversity of Belum Temenggor Forest Complex.

Where are these students? If I already taught 1000 students in last 30 years and they are graduated with a good job, I am very sure they can donate RM100.00 a year for Biology Alumni Fund (BAF). RM100,000.00 a year can be collected for BAF and can be used for many things to upgrade biology teaching in UPM.

Effective teaching is very important for the quality products, in this case a functional graduates. A proper curriculum and the implementation of the curriculum are important. Continuous assessment and upgrading lecturers knowledge and skills are needed. Ideas, guidance and monitoring from leaders are compulsory.

Promise is promise. continue cutting forest is another thing. Look at this picture with small logs, show that forest clearing may be for agriculture or any development. If it is in water catchment areas or highlands we will see the results later. few people get the benefit but many will face the disaster.

We need more contributors in environmental education

We cannot wait until this animal (logo of MNS) extinct then we want to think of conservation and protection. Just listen and ask advice from scientists.

Launching EE book by Deputy Director General of Ministry of Education Malaysia at Air Hitam Forest Reserve. A continuous effort in conservation and environmental education.

Monday, February 9, 2015

How can we correlate this land use for Timber Latex Clone projects with flood in Kelantan and surface erosion.

We need to be ore responsible and agressive in tackling Cameron Highlands issues. All parties must support the Deputy Prime Minister and all structures under him.

CAMERON HIGHLAND, 3 Feb - Timbalan Perdana Menteri selaku Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Pengurusan Bencana Negara, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin merakamkan gambar keadaan lereng bukit yang diteroka untuk aktiviti pertanian menggunakan telefon bimbitnya semasa mengadakan lawatan mengejut ke Cameron Highland, Pahang di sini hari ini.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Malaysia oh Malaysia, we are not clear with our direction. We polities everything until no body can talk.