Friday, September 30, 2011

Antara penyelidikan, penerbitan, pengembangan dan pengiktirafan

Untuk mendapat pengiktirafan antarabangsa, penerbitan mesti di rujuk oleh orang lain. Pelbagai index di jadikan ukuran sebagai perbandingan taraf, kualiti dan bidang pengiktirafan. Apa yg penting sebenarnya ialah quality penyelidikan dan menafaat kepada manusia. Just do it and do it well!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Best post graduate student; how to assess

Usually people look at the publication from the thesis, good writing, no major correction, finish on time or shorter then allocated period, well design experiments, clear objectives and the results are significant or beneficial to the scientific community or public.

Academic leadership

Many local academician complaining about their daily life and academic activities. Why? May be in previous blog can explain this. In general the Dean, and his team must be functioning and clear with his mission. The supporting staff must do thier job as prescribed.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Malaysian culture: still first class facilities third class mentality?

Look at the airport how they stop their car when sent or pick up some body. They sent their wife, husband, friends same as they sent their child to school. Right at the gate. The traffic control system also not very efficient. More thought and actions needed.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Searching for good brain for 2020

Since 1990 we are talking a lot about vision 2020 hoping that in 30 years Malaysia can be a developed country. During that time we already planned how many various types of engineers, specialist doctors, scientists, etc. We have many policies related to science and technologies and strategies to achieve the vision. We argue a lot on teaching science and mathematic in English, review curriculum to meet world standards and many thing including debating on nuclear energy and social effects on ICT. But how far we review our plan, strategies and actions. Until to day when we talked about mybrain15, we are struggling on looking for good candidate. We dream for Nobel laureates, but not yet found in last 21 years. Not that easy. If we start from preschool children in 1990, now they are already 21 years old, nearly finish engineering courses in the university. How many of them are in the vision 2020 plan. Where they study, in what field, who sponsor them, when and where they will support vision 2020 in next 9 years. In 2014 this group should be placed at the right position so that they are matured by 2020 and competitive at the global stage. Again do we need a professors to assess the achievement and make the adjustment or adaptation so that we are on the right tract.

Oil palm still important for future economy of our country

There fore studies on oil palm are continuously needed.

Oil palm still important for future economy of our country

There fore studies on oil palm are continuously needed.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Motivasi, imiginasi dan reality

Memang kita perlu motivasi untuk tingkatkan produktiviti. Tapi kalau sekadar motivasi tapi tak ada kualiti, tiada Ada arti juga. Yg penting kita Ada visi, target, tahu buat kerja, nak buat kerja, nak tengok hasil kerja.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

antara sistem, budaya dan kemanusiaan.

semak aktiviti harian kita di bank, jabatan kerajaan atau di hospital. sejauhmana berkesannya sistem dalam budaya dan semangat kemanusiaan bangsa?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wait until business people safe and protect the environment then everybody will follow

Now business people destroy the environment for the people. They said to the environmentalis, do not worry the business people will stop destroying the environment after no more forest, hill and rivers. It is a temporary phenomenon. The engineer said we can reconstruch the environment. Green back to green. Crystle water back to original. BUT What happened to the process, nature and biodiversity???

Global Diaspora Economic Summit: Economy, Climate Change and Food Security

Environmental issues become important issues and opportunities for the money maker. For scientists protecting the environment is just for biodiversity, environmental health and human health. For the economist is more than that. Environmental protection and conservation and benefit from biodiversity can generate more entrepreneurs and economic growth.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Malaysia Terlalu Aman dan Berkuasa dalam membuat keputusan: rakyat hanya mampu berbisik.

Apakah kita masih mengamalkan yang berkuasa menindas, yang cerdik menipu, yang bodoh mengikut, yang miskin meminta, kita masih tidak suka membaca tapi hanya suka mendengar cerita. Kita malas berfikir dan menganalisis fakta?

A lot more easier for students in teaching and learning: Do we need to change the systems of face2face?

Skills not just cooking

Rare Earth: Technology, Environment and Human usage

Base line research, data and publication VS EIA Consultation

Usually we are talking about the results of research, new findings, pattern, commercialisation and social impact. As I discussed earlier in my blog about my work on milky storks in Kuala Gula and southern pied horn bills in Parit Panjang Selangor, have given a great impact to the society, government and conservation values. BUT who will or should recognise it after the birds are multiplying and public together supporting the conservation strategies. Similar thing those who are doing basic environmental research and publish in local journals and some international journals. Their data were used in EIA work in getting a lot of money and given a strong impact to the society, environment, government policies and business sectors. BUT who cares. OUR leaders should learn to open their mind wider and appreciate the contribution. NOT just look at the direct impact in front of their eyes only.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Antara mohon kerja dan mohon naik pangkat

Kadang-kadang dilema apabila kita tengok orang kerja untuk naik pangkat berbanding orang kerja untuk syarikat atau majikannya. Masa mohon kerja selalunya mengikut keperluan majikan atau syarikat berkaitan. Sepatutnya apabila dah dapat kerja, maka pekerja akan bekerja mengikut bidang tugas atau kerja yang diberikan. Penilaian untuk kenaikan pangkat adalah mengikut kriteria dan kecekapan bekerja yang memberikan keuntungan kepada majikan. Yang menjadi persoalan apabila untuk naik pangkat pekerja mesti mohon dan memenuhi kriteria yang ditetapkan. Maka bagi yang pandai mengambil kesempatan akan fokus kepada kriteria dan memenangi hati bos untuk naik pangkat. Kadang-kadang nampak tidak adil. Maka kadang2 majikan kena lihat pencapaian staff dan menawarkan untuk naik pangkat berdasarkan pencapaian staff terutamanya bagi jawatan tertinggi. Kadang-kadang juga tidak adil bagi pegawai yang sudah lama berkhidmat dalam sesuatu institusi dinilai oleh orang yang tak mengenalinya dalam masa 1 atau 2 jam temuduga naik pangkat.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Scale and Frequency of Ivory Seizures Shows A Rising Threat to Elephants: Are we networking for conservation or trading?

How Professors can help in GTP and ETP.

In shaping future generations, transformation must be done according to demand, trend and world development. Professors must be together and play their roles according to their field of expertise. Do not lets just politician doing the talking like parrots talking to the crocodiles. Professors must help to plan and develop human capitals for to future to meet future demand. For this, current professors must have futuristic ideas and actions. In ETP, new trends of living must be introduced so that future living depending on continuous supply of cheaper and quality food, save and healty environment and harmonious society.

Shaping the Future Generation!

In the government transformation programmes (GTP & ETP etc). Young generation must understand and there will be no other choice except face the challenges and provide themself for the transformation. How far the professors are involve in the government transformation programmes.

Towards High Achievement in Academic Institution: Total collaboration, support, creativity, sacrifice, volunteer and proactive actions are needed.

We cannot get rid of opportunists, selfish and do not care attitude among staff. There are many types of staff basically depending their environment where they were grown up, their parent and family influences, their own focus and priority etc. In academic and other professional environment, attitude of staff are different from others. Academic staff especially are very close to their territory, secretive and looking forwards towards their own success. As an academic institution, we need to have a good managers and leaders to think and creative enough to bring them together and give a significant contribution. They will support and contribute if we have the right approach. Excellence and KPI in their hands.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Malaysian Styles of making decision: Foreigners first, ladies first, old first, mum with babies first BUT finally kronies first

How to make things done as planned

just put the right person at the right place and the right time

Muhasabah Diri

Langit tak selalu cerah
Awan tak selalu mendung
Laut tak selalu pasang
Air tak selalu deras
hidup seperti roda kadang di bawah, kadang di atas

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Word Class Dream BUT Third Class Action

We should have a detail plan and make a good stategy for what we want to do before action. We do not want to coment after the project are completed. Sometimes we like to have good system, we employ good consultant to provide the system but we do not have staff and a proper facilities to use the system. This what we call dreaming.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Penghayatan prosidur perlaksanaan dan masalah berkaitan sangat penting dalam membina sistem

ini bagi mengelakkan peristiwa selera kelas pertama tapi perlaksanaan kelas ketiga.
selera bos tinggi, selera orang bawahan seadanya. Ramai bos cuma nak bercerita, yang melakukannya orang bawahan. maka akhirnya cadangan dan keputusan dibuat oleh orang bawahan.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Isu Lynas: 15% penjawat awam terpengaruh: Kenapa asas pemikiran secara saintifik amat diperlukan oleh seluruh rakyat Malaysia

Kurikulum, perlaksanaan pengajaran dan pembelajaran sains dan promosi terhadap pendidikan sains perlu ditingkatkan dan menyeluruh agar rakyat lebih analitikal dalam berfikir dan membuat keputusan.

Apakah kita lebih membincangkan paras radioaktif bahan yang di bawa dari Australia lebih baik dari hasil paras radiooaktif semasa proses atau bahan buangan?

Siapa patut menjuarai program ini. Adakah suatu lagi upacara di Malaysia atau suatu jaminan masa hadapan negara untuk generasi akan datang?

Utusan on line. KUALA LUMPUR 8 Sept. - Kelab MyAgrosis akan ditubuhkan di semua institut pengajian tinggi awam (IPTA) bagi menggalakkan lebih ramai pelajar institusi tersebut mengerjakan aktiviti pertanian moden di negara ini.

Menteri Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani, Datuk Seri Noh Omar berkata, pihaknya telah mengadakan perbincangan dengan semua IPTA berhubung perkara tersebut dan telah mengenal pasti beberapa tapak yang sesuai bagi aktiviti tersebut.

"Melalui MyAgrosis, pelajar akan dilatih dalam mengerjakan tanaman, ternakan dan pemprosesan makanan menggunakan teknologi terkini bagi dipasarkan secara komersial"

Beliau berkata satu memorandum persefahaman (MoU) akan ditandatangani bersama Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi pada bulan Disember ini bagi memastikan program berjaya.

Katanya, projek perintis bagi aktiviti tersebut akan bermula di Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Merbok, Sungai Petani pada bulan depan melibatkan 140 pelajar yang akan memulakan penternakan ikan.

Tambahnya, Agrobank telah bersetuju untuk memberikan RM10 juta untuk membiayai program tersebut manakala beliau akan berbincang dengan Tabung Ekonomi Kumpulan Usahawan Niaga (TEKUN) bagi menambah dana tersebut kepada RM20 juta.

"Pembiayaan ini diberikan kepada pelajar yang telah menamatkan pengajian mereka dan berminat untuk meneruskan momentum aktiviti pertanian tersebut. Sekeping kad akan diberikan kepada pelajar tersebut bagi membuktikan mereka adalah ahli MyAgrosis,"

Thursday, September 8, 2011

PM: Framework in place for 40% reduction of CO2 emission

KUALA LUMPUR: The Low Carbon Cities Framework is now in place to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 40% in 2020.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said it was his aspiration to develop Putrajaya and Cyberjaya as shining examples of eco-friendly townships and to replicate this in other cities in the country.

"The framework is intended to help achieve the goal, assisting local councils, town planners and developers formulate action plans to cut carbon emissions," he said at the International Greentech and Eco-products exhibition and conference.

Najib said there were tremendous potential for green technology growth in Malaysia, especially within the energy, construction, transportation, water and waste management sectors.

Published: Thursday September 8, 2011 MYT 11:21:00 AM
Updated: Thursday September 8, 2011 MYT 1:32:36 PM
PM: Framework in place for 40% reduction of CO2 emission
By MAZWIN NIK ANIS Utusan online

Some time we want to have first class style but we practice third class behaviour

Understanding Bioindicator for Clean Water: We depending on surface water for human consumption.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What Makes A Good Leader: See what Harvard Business School Alumni Said

University Ranking: Ad hoc, ceremonial, continuous monitoring OR representing real standard?

The recent QS World University Rankings has shown that Malaysian varsities are competitive, said Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin.
This, he said, was reflected as seven Malaysian varsities were ranked in the top 600 bracket.There are more than 30,000 universities globally which participated in the exercise and this is the first time a Malaysian varsity has been ranked ahead of Thai and Taiwanese varsities.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Visi tidak datang dari langit. Visi dan misi mesti bergerak seiring. Tanpa tindakan segalanya menjadi khayalan

Cita-cita untuk menjadi universiti kelas dunia.
Pelbagai plan, strategi dan tindakan di adakan.
Tindakan peringkat akar umbi sangat penting bagi memastikan kejayaan cita-cita.
Pemimpin mesti bijak merancang bukan sahaja menagih hasil untuk dipublisitikan.
Pelbagai kayu ukur dibuat untuk mencapai cita-cita: kewangan, kemudahan, kualiti staf, kurikulum baharu bagi memenuhi keperluan industri dan pasaran kerja, pengantarabangsaan melalui pertukaran pelajar, pertukaran staf, kerjasama pintar dengan universiti luar negara dan agensi tempatan.
Apa pun pengurusan peringkat akar umbi dan kekuatan staf sangat penting bagi menarik pelajar berkualiti, memacu kecemerlangan staf dan membina rasa kepunyaan dan tanggungjawab.

Managing Academic Staff in Changing University Systems

Friday, September 2, 2011

Why Traffic Jam on the road during festival season? All because of tradition, values and sacrifice

In order to achieve our mission involving people, tradition, values and sacrifice must be included. If we sacrifice the tradition and values of the society, mission can be achieved BUT probably facing a lot of problems and challenges.
Many universities success also because of they keep their tradition, linkages and supports.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Linkages between scientists, managers and politician are important if we like to reduce pollution load in to the environment!

This is to ensure human and environmental health
Water quality is one of the criteria for ecosystem health not just measurement for drinking water.
Water quality is usually associated with excessive of nutrients into the water body, which can lead to eutrophication and later creating algal blooms and depletion of oxygen concentrations which threatens many animal and plant species.
These will cause ecological imbalance, water shortage and climate change.
Close interaction, cooperation and collaboration between scientists, managers and politician will help to solve this common water quality problems and environmental health.
Three most important for ensuring human and environmental health:
1. Emerging research on complex environmental interactions: Ecology
2. Improving integration between public health and environmental and/or ecological sciences.
3. Promotion of ecosystem approach.

All these ideas only can be perfectly done if biologist and ecologist are involve. So far leaders, managers and politician cannot see this or understand the important of scientists or ecologist involvement. What they see only superficial involvement therefore they only solving superficial or surface problems just painting the old house.

It is common to celebrate Hari Raya with artists, politician and children BUT not many are very lucky to celebrate with scientists and professors

Traditional Ecological Knowledge is needed and not just a ceremonial activities but a cotinuous comitment by locals and authorities

Do we need another highway or improve public transport and educating public on transportation, pollution and healthy lifestyle?

Roadkills are accelerating species extinction: I made a comment long time a go in my blog on the similar issue

Tuesday August 30, 2011
Roadkills and loss of biodiversity
By Dr Nather Khan Ibrahim

Roadkills are accelerating species extinction.

IT is not just forest clearance, drainage of wetlands, habitat alteration, over-exploitation, poaching or wildlife trade that are causing biodiversity loss. Other culprits are the ever-expanding network of roads and growing vehicle numbers.

Animals killed due to collisions or accidents on roads are commonly known as roadkills.

Globally, millions of wildlife, small and big, are killed on roads. In the United States alone, one million animals get hit by motor vehicles each day. This excludes insects and bugs that get smashed on windscreens. Each year, 350,000 deer fatally collide with vehicles in the U.S.

In Malaysia, we too can witness countless roadkills of all kinds of wild and domestic animals. These animals are dead mostly due to speeding vehicles along highways and on rural roads.

Who is at fault for roadkills? Who has to be summoned? While human deaths due to road accidents are noticed, investigated and acted upon, animal deaths are mostly ignored. There are neither investigations nor preventive safety measures taken. No one pays compensation for dead wild animals, even if they are of a rare or endangered species.

The most common victims are the slow-moving monitor lizards, snakes, pangolins and turtles. However, I have seen hundreds of fast-moving animals rolled over on our roads, animals that include monkeys, civet cats, mousedeer, squirrels and birds.

Endangered animals have also become roadkills, such as the tapir, slow loris, elephant and masked palm civet.

Recently, I saw a freshly killed palm civet (musang) at Road B18 from Banting to Dengkil in Selangor. On several occasions, I have had to remove approaching turtles from the road to the jungle. Worse, in some instances, the dead animals are mutilated by people who cut off body parts in the belief that these will cure certain illnesses.

The types of animals and fatality number depend on the habitats and land uses. In forest and wetland areas, the animals killed are mostly wild species while in plantation roads, they are mostly monitor lizards, turtles, snakes, frogs and birds.

During my round trip at roads R132 (Bukit Besi Highway), T123 (Jalan Rasau Kerteh Selatan) and R14 (Jerangau Highway) in Terengganu in July 2006, I witnessed more than 82 roadkills involving mostly civet cats, squirrels, monkeys, monitor lizards, snakes, cats and birds.

Similarly, in a two-hour journey on the coastal east coast highway between Besut and Kuantan, I came across more than 26 roadkills; half of them involved domestic animals. Roadkills reach their peaks in areas where wildlife corridors such as riparian zones or forest strips intersect roads.

Animals come near or cross roads for many reasons, including to: seek food and water; escape from predators or stronger family members in territorial disputes; seek habitat or mates; and sometimes, seek the warmth of the tarmac. Some hungry animals, particularly monkeys, wait by road sides to get food from motorists.

Construction of roads fragment and destroy wildlife habitats. The displaced animals, when seeking new forests, can potentially get run over. Birds tend to come near roads for warmth and food. In the evenings and after the rain, birds are commonly seen flying over roads foraging for insects. Too busy feeding, they might not be able to get away from a fast-approaching vehicle.

To prevent roadkills which threaten our biodiversity, several mitigation measures need to be considered. Several barrier fences have been installed to block animal crossings along the North-South Expressway. Fencing can be considered in other highways and rural roads, especially where roads pass through forests, wetlands, rivers and wildlife migration corridors.

In Europe, measures to reduce roadkills include eco-ducts, eco-passages and eco-bypasses for wildlife. These can be used in Malaysia too. Elevated highways over wetlands or lowland forest, wider bridges, wider vegetative buffers and wildlife-safe tunnels, are important and need to be introduced along our highways. Wildlife-crossing signs are important to alert motorists, especially on roads near forests.

To prevent costly land acquisitions, road alignments are usually routed through forests and wetlands. Some decision-makers prefer to have forests fragmented and subsequently, degraded, for vested interests. It is important that the authorities insist on the best route options and mitigation measures to protect wildlife habitats to prevent roadkills. For road development projects which are likely to impact native fauna, advice should be sought from wildlife authorities and specialists.

Roads are important for transportation, for socio-economic development and to increase our standard of living. Nevertheless, the development of roads have affected wild habitats and led to roadkills. Few highways are designed with consideration for animal traffic. If serious attention is not given to the increasing roadkills, we will soon lose more of our priceless biodiversity.

The writer is executive director of Ecotone Environmental Management and an associate fellow at Academy of Sciences Malaysia.

Effective Transformation in Biology: How to do it for the future?

1. All staff must be together understand the mission and involve in giving ideas, planning, strategies and actions.
2. All staff must funtioning according to their position, duties and function.
3. Develop qualities to attract quality students.
4. The curriculum or teaching for the future, at least 3 to 4 years a head so that the graduates produced by the department can be employed.
5. Good marketing and promotion strategies.