Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Raptor watch is celebrating every year on the second week of March when raptors are flying north for their breeding ground. Need more young scientists to study this as one of the major contribution on raptors migration.

A Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony between Bioversity International and Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This MoU celebrates the research partners’ 15-year relationship and shared commitment to protect Malaysia’s rich agricultural biodiversity. How far we open to all university's members or just limited to certain individual. We cannot limit knowledge to be expanded widely in order to make it happen. Tis kind of project should be an important research area.

Countries around the world are increasing their investment in agricultural and tree biodiversity to improve diets, adapt to climate change, control pests and diseases and help reverse forest and land degradation. Bioversity International is a world leader in these research topics. Bioversity International’s current mandate for conservation through use offers prospects for strengthening Malaysia’s thriving economy while safeguarding its rich natural resources. Areas of strong mutual interest between Bioversity International and Malaysia include capitalizing on local fruit tree diversity, control of banana diseases to improve livelihoods, use of tree genetic diversity to enhance the success of forest and land restoration, and cryopreservation of key diversity for future use. Bioversity International’s research in use and safeguarding of agricultural and tree biodiversity brings synergistic value to Malaysia’s excellent research centres and provides opportunities for Malaysian scientists to publish and obtain experience and advanced training in an international environment.
Bioversity International and this prestigious Malaysian university have a long and successful history. In 2001, UPM became the first public education institution in Malaysia to partner with Bioversity International to carry out joint research projects. In the first few years that Bioversity International opened its doors in the South-east Asian country, it collaborated with UPM to publish a field genebank management guide that is still the go-to document for field genebank managers worldwide. Since last year, the two organizations have been collaborating to develop approaches and practices for restoring the productivity and resilience of degraded forests. 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Sementara itu Presiden Persatuan Ekologi Malaysia, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Ismail berkata, situasi di Kuala Langat perlu ditangani segera bagi mengelak peristiwa buruk berulang. “Kawalan mesti ada dan sensitiviti penduduk sekitar juga perlu diambil kira,” katanya. Dalam pada itu, usaha Utusan Online untuk mendapatkan maklum balas daripada Jabatan Alam Sekitar menemui jalan buntu. - UTUSAN ONLINE why we cannot solve this problem? 1. we do not want to solve the problem 2. we do not know how to solve the problem 3. some people who have the authority are lazy to read, to understand the law, hear say about how to solve the issues, 4. political issues, 5. We are scared of shadows. Malaysia is very good country and care about the environment and people safety. We have good laws, rules and regulations (R&R). The authorities must sit together and look at all R&R that we have inter agencies and together taking care of the environment BUT why the issues remained?

This year Raptor watch is very successful. Many students from many schools in Malacca and Negeri Sembilan joining the celebration. With the support from media, tourism department, education department, universities, PERHIITAN and Forestry Department and others the Raptor Watch Programme become more attractive. Many international tourists too watching raptors crossing the Straits of Malacca on their way migrating north for breeding. We cannot miss this annual event once a year.

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With teachers in PD and lectures from PDPOLI
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Group of schools from Malacca
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With my former student. She is now one of the active teachers in Malacca
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With volunteers from HSBC

Another nature based society in Malaysia. Ecological Association of Malaysia (Persatuan Ekologi Malaysia, PEM) was established long time a go and it was reactivated recently by the one of the co-founder of PEM. At the moment PEM focusing on developing young ecologist in Malaysia.

Persatuan Ekologi Malaysia (Ecological Association of Malaysia) is a non-governmental organization registered with The Registry of Societies Malaysia (Registration No.: PPM-009-10-13012014). It is an alternative platform for professionals major in ecology and its related fields. Members are to discuss and act on national and international ecological issues and hot topics.

MAAC (Malaysian Academinc Association) and MPN (Majlis Professor Negara always discuss on the issues related to the welfare of the academician such as salary scheme, promotion, recognition and others. Malaysian must change their on the academic profession and culture. Malaysia is still young but need to develop fast. Academic roles are important for the country.