Saturday, August 30, 2014

how to manage top performance? look for them, listen to them, talk to them, giving them a chance, .....

we can plan our work load but many unexpected events that increase our work load. travelling, meetings, dinner, ..... how to manage?

How do you manage the work load? Here are some suggestions:
  1. Become consistent in your sleep habits. You can’t function without 7-8 hours of sleep.
  2. Work out times when you do certain activities. An activity that takes 3 hours to do at one time can take 1 hour at another time.
  3. Learn how to multitask. There are times when you can combine one or more activities (e.g. filling out an expense form while participating in a conference call).
  4. Make repetitive tasks more efficient. For example you might develop a template for a weekly report you need to do.
  5. Learn how much time is needed for each activity. Not everything needs to be done to perfection.
  6. Learn how to avoid activities that are huge “time sink holes”. Some of these can be avoided entirely while others can be done with minimal time commitment.
  7. Don’t let others steal your time. This is especially the case for those who view the job as one big social event.
  8. Think ahead on major assignments. Often you can avoid time consuming dead ends when you just give an assignment some thought.
  9. Find people in the organization who are noted for how productive they are and ask them for guidance on how to use your time.
  10. Develop a “relief value” that can let you get away from the job and renew your energy. This will be something you do for yourself.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Top 10 Reasons Being A University Professor Is A Stressful Job: Being a university professor is in no way the least stressful job for 2013. In fact, 2013 is likely to be one of the worst years to be a university professor.
The Best-Paying Education Jobs

The Best-Paying Education Jobs

People’s career choices should be based on passion over paychecks—and that’s especially true for those who are educating America’s youth. But even if you’re pursuing a profession in education for the all right reasons, you still have to wonder which are the highest- and lowest-paying positions in the field. Forbes sifted through the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates to find the very best- and worst-paying education jobs in America. Here are the five best.

Today my son learned about career and qualifications. He asked me about what is masters, PhD and Professor. He told me what his teacher explained to him and what was explained by his friends. They discussed again at his friend's house and his friend's mother also explain how to be a professor. His friend's mother ask my son's friends to ask him how to become a professor. When friends asked him, he answered if you want to be a professor you must not sleep at night, always typing something on your computer, reading thesis, meetings, going overseas attending conferences and seminars (without having time buying souverniers for me), coming back home late, always go out to the forest, seas, and climbing mountain. In general to be a professor is very tough and much easier playing rugby rather become a professor....his friends lough. My son told me.

VIVA or oral examination for masters or PhD candidates sometime very stressful if the thesis is not well prepared, supervision was not well done and students have no clear objectives of their thesis. To fail OR not to fail...... finally giving them major correction in limited period. To have good thesis we must have good and committed students and supervisors.

Another nature camps for nature education. It is a continuous effort and cooperate support.

Asia pacific Conference for Young scientists (APCYS) 2014. Malaysian participants need more training and preparation for competition at international levels. We will have national levels of young scientists conference (MyCYS). later we can prepare better for APCYS and ICYS 2015.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Most people don’t get enough sleep at night. For many people being sleep deprived means not functioning as well as they could be, but for millions of other people – mainly men – lack of sleep is a sign of a serious health condition. Learn how to stop snoring


We always talk about biodiversity, conservation and ecotourism. biodiversity and already benefit the locals a lot in ecotourisms activities. Why some people do not understand and proposed another contradict ideas?

Government of Malaysia and Government of Pahang: We call on you to Stop Sturgeon Project a.k.a Caviar Park in Kuala Tahan.

Not surprise if this kind of statement from public: " Continuous insulting remarks by politicians involved in this project who called the anti-sturgeon project activists as “Yahudi”(Jews), “Sakai”(derogatory word for Aborigines) and “Bodoh”(stupid)".

Professors suppose to be the most relax job, respected and free to think and making conclusion. So why in Dilemma and Stress?

Professor Dr Ahmad Ismail from Universiti Putra Malaysia biology department is also of the opinion that academic excellence cannot be measured by publications alone.
He strongly believes that other aspects of academia should be considered.
“Publication alone is not enough. Teaching and supervising of students, attending conferences and seminars, extension and dissemination of knowledge and new findings to the public (among others) make an academician complete.”
As a professor of wildlife ecology and ecotoxicology, his area of expertise does not lend itself well to publication.
“We would like our papers to be published in reputable, high-impact journals – but we can’t because there are none,” he says.
“What is important is what we can contri­bute to our own country – at a local level. If you just concentrate on writing, then you are just a writer.
“A lecturer must develop areas of knowledge and then teach it to students, and not rely on textbooks alone.”