Thursday, October 27, 2016

they are from different couples but they now in big family.

Seminar, symposium and conferences are important to meet scientists in related fields and exposure to the young scientists. Networking and collaboration is very important in the development of science.

How far we value research because we always look at the publications and data accumulation.

Continuous human-macaques conflict if we canngt manage them. Both human and macaques need to be educated. PERHILITAN must be proactive as they are the authority.

Sports need a lot of money to develop and organise the tournament. BUT sports activities can bring all races and believes together united. base on those values unity and respect the money spent is worth for the community.

"12-1pm 27October14"

Biologging feeds scientists with data on stork behaviour. If the current project for the captive birds is successful, the biologger might be attached to wild milky storks. The scenario for this species is not promising as it is extinct in Thailand and there has been no sighting of wild milky storks in Malaysia since 2008. Zoo Negara, he says, has successfully bred milky storks and now has over 100 in captivity. Read more at
Biologging feeds scientists with data on stork behaviour
“No one is able to see the whales’ prey, the mesopelagic squid, in deep waters. We also wanted to monitor the distribution pattern of the squids. Doing biologging on whales is difficult. We need favourable sea conditions and as many sperm whales as possible, and a good team to deploy the recorders. We have carried out three projects so far, tagging over 50 sperm whales in total. Our last project was in 2012 where we tagged 30 whales.

Monday, October 17, 2016

supervising internship students at Ecocare Centre Kertih. As the Chairman of the Ecocare Management Committee, I have to visit the centre frequently and update the performance of the centre. This centre is the best centre for nature education in the country. Ii is sponsored by the Petronas.

Need experts in biology and ecology to support the commitment of our prime Minister. Not the business man they will destroy the ecosystem of Tasik Chini in very short period.

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  • Among the active teams in MNS Kelap Pecinta Alam (KPA) at schools.

    Friday, October 14, 2016

    Forest of Hope meeting with Birdlife Group

    Forests of Hope The world's natural forests are of critical importance for birds and biodiversity. Over 1.6 billion people rely heavily on these natural habitats and the ecosystem services they provide. Yet despite global efforts, rates of forest loss remain alarmingly high with an estimated 13 million hectares lost annually.

    Forests of Hope are sites of high importance for wildlife and people Photo: Murray Cooper

    Key Facts

    • We focus on forest areas that are of high importance for biodiversity and ecosystem services
    • We work with local communities, government, private sector and other important stakeholders to implement locally appropriate approaches to forest governance, management and finance
    • We complement action on the ground with policy engagement at national and international levels to address the underlying drivers of forest degradation and loss
    • We commit long-term (e.g. 20 years and more) to selected sites to overcome deep-rooted challenges and promote sustainable solutions
    • We are already working at major forest sites in more than 50 countries across four continents
    • Our innovative approaches to management, governance and finance are bringing benefits to forest people as well as wildlife
    The world's natural forests are of critical importance for birds and other biodiversity, natural habitats and ecosystem services. Furthermore, over 1.6 billion people rely heavily on forests for subsistence, livelihoods, employment and income. Yet despite global efforts, rates of natural forest loss remain alarmingly high with the FAO estimating that 13 million hectares of forest are lost annually. 
    BirdLife’s Forests of Hope Programme aims to prevent deforestation and to restore natural forests in the tropics. The programme’s effectiveness is maximised by linking forest conservation on the ground to policy and advocacy work at national and international levels. 
    The programme's name was inspired by BirdLife's first Forests of Hope site: Hutan Harapan or the Rainforest of Hope. Harapan is Indonesia's first Ecosystem Restoration Concession and covers over 98,000 ha of threatened lowland forest in Sumatra. Despite being logged in the past, Harapan still has tapirs, tigers, elephants and many other species.

    similar trends happening in southeast asean countries. Virgin forest into oil palm plantation. How strong the country can protect the nature and conserve the wildlife against the greedy businessman and politicians. May be we need ideas how to do forest restoration as a business.

    Today discussing on Forest of Hope with member of birdlife from Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Nepal. Malaysia need to identify one forest of Hope. We propose Belum Temenggor Complex. Lets support.

    I think the government must be fair to all in term of logging and land clearing. we cannot allow greedy business people ruling us. Now even scientists are bought by the business. BUT may be nature lovers have more integrity.

    Wednesday, October 12, 2016

    Today another meeting for Ecocare Management Committee. A lot more need to do for ecocare centre in Kertih

    Image result for mns ecocare kerteh

    Since 2010 people are talking seriously on Langkawi Green. Until now still a lot of conflict between local public, local authority, state government, federal government, business people and the NGOs. All must understand clearly on Langkawi Green. Education and public awareness sre important. all sectors must take part in greening Langkawi.

    how far we learned from this kind of messages. How far public aware what will happen in the future if water resources are polluted? What government is doing to avoid this kind of incident in the future? The NGOs consistently education public and the government? we all have to work harder for the future generations.

    Meeeting Pak Djoko Iskandar world recognised Herpetologist from ITB Indonesia. Do we have dominant herpetologist in Malaysia?

    Image result for djoko iskandar plos one
    Image result for djoko iskandar herpetologist

    Bordering issues is important to discuss between neighbouring countries. In this case with Indonesia-Malaysia biodiversity issues. Malaysia and Indonesia are top megabiodiversity in the world. Indonesia is working hard to be number ONE top megabiodiversity in the world. How about Malaysia??

    Korean and Japanese professors have almost similar culture in field research and supervising their students. How we want to adopt those culture in our local universities to make more productive in research quality, integrity and publications.

    "Poor eel. After long day sampling"
    grill cultured eels for dinner after hard work in the field.

    Saturday, October 1, 2016

    Go back to basic nature, culture, religion and civilisation. We need to clearly understand about basic community life when we plan for sustainability and smart community.

    Image result for wife mistress maid

    What are the differences between wife, mistress and escort? What do your wife/mistress/escort do and the others don't? How do you treat them differently? This OLD, CURRENT and FUTURE CULTURE. Why this culture continuously practicing?

    Rebecca Owens
    Rebecca Owens, I'm an adult and I relationship
    Wife is someone who's a life partner, they help with big decisions and are a support.

    Mistress is more a physical relationship, though it may be that either party would want to make it more serious at some point. While I think of it as a guy cheating on his wife with a mistress, it may be the wife is fine with it.

    Escort is more a business deal, in which money is traded, often for sex but they are sometimes simply for a plus 1. While a mistress relies on the fact that the people involved are both interested, which is how it can develop into a more serious relationship, an escort really doesn't.

    I'd think people who keep an escort or mistress on the side usually do it as they're unhappy. In polygamous relationships this is not always the case, but the term of mistress suggests secret to me. Typically an escort is because they don't view it as proper cheating, while mistress can be a full blown affair with love involved. Hence the later can be not because a person is actively unhappy but simply no longer in love with the spouse.

    SEBUAH pusat menyimpan data mengenai seseorang graduan mesti ditubuhkan untuk mengelakkan kes pemalsuan ijazah. Presiden Persatuan Pegawai Akademik Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Prof Dr Ahmad Ismail berkata, pusat tersebut boleh dinamakan sebagai bank data graduan memandangkan kaedah pengumpulan data satu pusat perlu wujud untuk mengelakkan jenayah terhadap kelulusan akademik. “Bank tersebut mesti mengandungi data pembelajaran seseorang penuntut seperti nombor kad pelajar, nombor siri sijil kelulusan dan juga rekod ketika penuntut berkenaan menyediakan tesis atau penyelidikan. “Kerajaan perlu pertimbangkan mengenai cadangan seumpama ini supaya majikan dapat membuat semakan terus tanpa perlu melalui birokrasi (bagi mengesahkan ijazah calon pekerja) yang kadangkala melecehkan. Ini kerana, dalam kes ijazah palsu, pihak yang teraniaya adalah majikan. "Bank data ini bukan sahaja untuk penuntut atau graduan universiti tempatan, tetapi juga pensyarah kerana ada juga kemungkinan pemalsuan bidang kepakaran pensyarah walaupun kebanyakannya boleh dirujuk kepada laman sesawang universiti berkenaan. “Selama ini, kita tidak ada satu sistem pusat yang mudah untuk para majikan membuat semakan bagi mengesahkan sesuatu sijil itu tulen.

    Lahir graduan palsu
    UM PHD DR Azizan Osman Palsu

    Pokemon is every where. What is the benefit to our generations?? Some one should take the advantage of this pokemon. Interest, proactive, creativity and invention.

    In science researches and publications are important and now a days are very competitive. Competition in producing papers, quality papers and high quality research. I producing data for publications, now is very challenging. High quality data is questionable when scientists are competing for number of publication. I science collecting true data is very important Therefore beside experimental design, ethics of research is important.