Thursday, October 27, 2016

Biologging feeds scientists with data on stork behaviour. If the current project for the captive birds is successful, the biologger might be attached to wild milky storks. The scenario for this species is not promising as it is extinct in Thailand and there has been no sighting of wild milky storks in Malaysia since 2008. Zoo Negara, he says, has successfully bred milky storks and now has over 100 in captivity. Read more at
Biologging feeds scientists with data on stork behaviour
“No one is able to see the whales’ prey, the mesopelagic squid, in deep waters. We also wanted to monitor the distribution pattern of the squids. Doing biologging on whales is difficult. We need favourable sea conditions and as many sperm whales as possible, and a good team to deploy the recorders. We have carried out three projects so far, tagging over 50 sperm whales in total. Our last project was in 2012 where we tagged 30 whales.

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