Friday, November 30, 2012

Muhasabah DIRI sebelum boikot, jangan ikut nafsu

Bantahan kemasukan produk yahudi dalam kampus
Kesian, ada juga pelajar universiiy yang terlampau bersimpati dengan peristiwa Israel dan Palestin menunjukkan simpati mereka melalui memboikot produk amerika yang tertentu sahaja. Lebih baik mereka mengambil iktibar dari Al Quran, penubuhan Israel 1948, siri peperangan dan penghinaan Israel keatas Palestin untuk bekerja keras mendominasi dunia dalam teknologi. Malangnya orang yang terlibat dalam boikot ini selalunya tiada kualiti akademik, profesional dan tidak pun mampu untuk membantu orang lain. mari kita tujukkan kita hebat dan boleh mmmbantu masyarakat yang malang termasuk Palestin. Bersimpati sahaja, memusnahkan diri sendiri atau masyarakat sendiri tidak akan sampai kemana. Mungkin orang yang memboikot belum tahu makanan yang dimakan hari-hari itu halal atau tidak kerana perusahan makanan di Malaysia di kuasai oleh bukan Islam.

Thinking of UPM become one of ecotourism destination. But they are thinking too big. i proposed long time a go but no body listen because I have no position. After the miister mentioned it then they response. Just have a good teaching in agriculture, eg fertigation, water melon and students projects/

Producing PhD students from overseas meaning we are also contributing to the human resources in foreign countries. Why we don't claim from them? How much is one PhD graduate?

Effective Meeting? How to make it?

Productive, valuable, and engaging meetings require a clear goal, an open dialog, and a strong leader.

Stingless bee for honey

Honey is excellent when used for burns and deep wounds because of its high concentration of sugars and natural antibiotic activity that kill bacteria. It is also used to soothe external sores, sore throats and gastric inflammation. It has a debriding effect, softening and removing dead skin and allowing a deep wound to heal naturally from the bottom upwards. Because it dissolves quickly it can be used to ameliorate conjunctivitis - two drops of pure, unheated, liquid honey in the eye twice daily will kill the bacteria causing the infection. The hygroscopic action of honey absorbs pus and smells from unpleasant infections and is also used to heal bedsores and leg ulcers.

Propolis has been shown to have strong antibiotic, antiviral, antihelmintic, antifungal and painkilling activity. It is frequently used for toothache and gum disease, sore throats, chest infections and for stimulating the immune system. It can be used for certain veterinary treatments and works synergistically with other antibiotics. Propolis is the bee product that is most likely to cause allergies.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tuna research offshore needed. Do we have off shore scientist? Need collaboration with Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. May be MoU UPM-LIPI can help!

Tuna landing in Southeast Asia

Angler's 1,000-pound bluefin tuna worth its weight in sushi

A 1,000-pound tuna caught recently off Nova Scotia required only two hours to land, but it was so massive that it had to be towed to port, and was lifted onto the dock with the help of a crane. This tuna will yield about 20,000 pieces of sushi and is expected to sell for more than $32,000 to a buyer in Japan
Compared to Tuna in Malaysia

Ancient Microbes Found in Buried Antarctic Lake

Beneath the icy surface of a buried Antarctic lake, in super-salty water devoid of light and oxygen that is also cold enough to freeze seawater, researchers have now discovered that a diverse community of bacteria has survived for millennia.Researchers analyzed Lake Vida, which lies encapsulated within ice at least 60 feet (18 meters) beneath Antarctica's surface. Past studies revealed the brine in the lake has been isolated from the surface for at least 2,800 years.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Boycott American Products for Gaza?

Since 1948 whole world especially the Muslim countries protests Israel and support Palestine. Until now protests and boycott continues BUT Israel keep killing Palestinians and occupied Palestinian territory. When Muslim want to stop protest and boycott America and Israel? About time Muslim world should think and be practical in their life. Protesting and boycotting never develop Muslim world but all these make America and Israel stronger and Muslim world separating and weaker. WHY???? We need to answer this immediately and take immediate actions so that we do not make boycotting America and Israel as a cycle of life and never ending tradition. Muslim world must united and develop their own country and people with a real Islamic values.

Youth Environmental EXPO 25 November 2012 at UPM Serdang

Very successful. more than 1000 people coming. They are university students from UM, UKM, UIAM, UTP, UNITEN, UTEM, UPSI, UPM, Sekolah Alam Shah and few other schools in Serdang, Kuala Selangor, Puchong and sekitar UPM.  Unfortunately not many from UPM except students from Biology Department, Faculty of Science who attending my lectures BGY 3102 and BGY 4403 and my postgraduates students. This is a good measurement why science is not popular and environmental education or nature education is not attractive.Very lucky we have Malaysian Nature Society (MNS).
If we want to succeed in nature education, we must support our friends not just look or boycott it. This is not about jealousy but supporting if we want our nature is sustain. Nature education is important for biodiversity and ecology protection and conservation. Work together with MNS. Join as a member and join the activities.

Many times in my Blog i talked about leadership in Science is important if we want to see the S&T developed in Malaysia.

Right person must sit at the right position in running the government policies and public demand in S&T. May be now good scientists with weak characters leading S&T and bullied by the politician or they just to please the ministers. List down all the achievement in last five years beside visiting countries overseas and rank them. Look at the grants for research, research achievement, interest in S&T at school levels, etc....all about leadership, commitment and right person at the right place.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Environment and Nature: many confuse what to do first?

Many like to talk about environment because it is related to what we can see in front of our eyes and what we listen. Not many like to talk about ecology because it is related to forest, trees, animals, water, river and nature in general. All those things are far from us.
Yesterday during Youth Environmental Expo I heard from teachers and school children saying that why we collaborate with Jabatan Biologi? why not with Jabatan Alam Sekitar UPM, They are more related to alam sekitar rather than biology.
Now biologist need to work harder to convince the public especially the young generation that biology, ecology, biodiversity and ecological changes are important in our life. pollution is ecological changes!! Something related to contamination, pollution and effects of hazardous chemicals on ecological processes and physiology or photochemistry we can say ecotoxicology.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Why we need to give to all groups sitting or holding high position in government or private sectors? not a ceremonial BUT a real business!

Do we agree with professionalism and quality of work and delivery. Or we are just politicise it and look only at the brand or labeling? One nation need to give equal contribution and high quality products NOT opportunity base on gender, race or relatives. We must trust everybody and everybody must do their work without bias.

Wildlife Conservation and Protection is a continuous actions and involving all parties from general public and policy makers. All need to be educated therefore educators are needed. Professors in the field please come forward.

The Star: Sunday November 25, 2012 MYT 3:05:00 PM

Orang utan population up by 20% in Sabah’s protected forests


KOTA KINABALU: Orang utan population within totally protected areas has increased by over 20 percent in Sabah's lower Kinabatangan since the first census was done seven years ago.
The number of orang utans orang-utans living within totally protected areas (TPA) increased from 38 percent to 60 percent, an orang utan conservationist Dr. Marc Ancrenaz said.
Dr Ancrenaz, who is co-director of the HUTAN Kinabatangan Orang-utan Conservation Programme (HUTAN-KOCP), said the increasing population reflected a commitment by all, especially the state government, to protect more forest areas.
However, he did not disclose the number of orang utans within the totally protected forest areas.
The Sabah Forestry Department had recently increased the areas deemed totally protected forest reserves to help further in the conservation of orang utans and other species such as the Borneo pygmy elephant, Sunda clouded leopard, Sunbear, and hornbills and others.
“The recent areas regazetted as Class I (totally protected forest reserve) are lowland forests which are favoured for agriculture development. But the state government has shown that they value the environmental security in the long term by making them TPAs instead of going for short term profits,” Dr Ancrenaz, a wildlife veterinarian who has been working on wildlife issues in Sabah since 1998.
However, the biggest issue for orang-utan conservation in Sabah remains the problem of isolation and fragmentation of protected forests, primotologist Dr. Isabelle Lackman, who is a co-director HUTAN KOCP said in a statement.
“While the Kinabatangan has been protected by the Sabah Wildlife Department since gazetting in 2005, the Sanctuary is very broken up with some protected forests being totally isolated and this is not healthy for the long term survival of orang utan in the area,” Lackman explained.
“Our studies have shown that we need to reconnect patches of forest to ensure that we have a viable orang utan population for the future and this can be achieved by reconnecting these forest either by having patches of forest that orang utans can travel through or a contiguous corridor of forest,” Lackman added.
She felt that all planned and future conversion of even small forest patches needs to be stopped to ensure the viability of the long-term survival of the orang utan population in the lower Kinabatangan.

IPTA need to have a quick transformation in to the academic culture. In gaining and transfering knowledge we need a lot of volunteerisms, respect and freedoms. All professors must be a model for their students. Not just setting questions and calculating marks. Professors must have followers really transfering knowledge, skills and habit. At many IPTAs now we are establishing not real academic culture.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Are we teaching university's students like school children? are we developing their attitude searching for knowledge, thinking skills, analitical skills, reportig skills or teaching them looking, copying, cut & paste, lying, and cheating? OR we are not working and super lier?

Stay longger hours in the office may be can save elecricity and water bills at home.

The Star: Saturday November 24, 2012

Malaysians put in long hours at work out of necessity


PETALING JAYA: Malaysians put in long hours at work out of necessity as they need to make more money. MTUC president Mohd Khalid Atan said many worked overtime as they got triple the daily salary rate on public holidays and double on rest days. “According to a survey by the Labour Department, 35% to 40% of our private sector workers in most industries earn less than RM700. How can they cope with the current rising cost of living with such a salary?” he said in an interview.
Mohd Khalid was responding to Expedia’s 2012 Vacation Deprivation Survey that showed Malaysia has the world’s fourth most dedicated workforce, after India, Brazil and Italy, with almost 90% of employees working even when they are on holiday. A total of 40% of respondents said they were reluctant to go on vacation because they feared their bosses would not be happy about it.
Khalid said he has received complaints that some employers deducted incentives and allowances of their workers when they went on annual leave. “I have seen this when I was working in a factory for 17 years and it’s still happening today,” he said.
Cuepacs president Datuk Omar Osman said it was unfair to ask civil servants to cancel their planned vacation with their families. “Bosses should have a contingency plan if an employee is going on holiday,” he said. He said he has received many complaints from civil servants that their department heads have “threatened” to take action against them if they refuse to work on their offdays.
When asked if employees should still respond to calls or e-mails related to work when on leave, Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) executive director Shamsuddin Bardan said certain conditions need to be met. “If the matter is urgent and the employee has been the only one managing a particular task, then it is reasonable to respond as it could affect the business of the company.
“However, if it can wait, then it would be unreasonable for the employer to push their employee to work during their leave,” he said. editor and Leaderonomics CEO Roshan Thiran said the productivity of the workforce was still low. “We need to figure out how we can increase our productivity by doing as much as before but in less time,” he said. He added employees should not fear having to take time off to revitalise as they would get burnt out if they don’t.

Do we need to work longger hours? Do we share tasks?

The Star: Saturday November 24, 2012

Longer hours do not mean Malaysians are workaholics


PETALING JAYA: They bring work home. Worse, they take it along with them during vacations. Their phone or laptop is like a second appendage so that they can work anywhere, anytime.
But does that mean Malaysians, by and large, are workaholics?
Although Expedia’s 2012 Vacation Deprivation Survey showed that Malaysia has the fourth most dedicated workforce in the world, Malaysians generally spent just 40 hours a week at work.
Based on a five-day work week, that means Malaysians clock in the requisite eight-hour.
This is well-below a study by a university in Netherlands last year which stated that workaholics spent at least 70 hours at work every week. Workaholics, it’s been said, “are excited and energised” about their work.
Neuro-psychologist Dr Nivashinie Mohan, when contacted in Kuala Lumpur, said the “long hours” put in by Malaysian workers did not mean they were workaholics.
“What may seem like people working late every day may not necessarily mean that they are working the whole time.
“Long breaks, surfing the net and talking on the phone could make up a bulk of the working hours just to show employers that they are in the office for long hours,” she said.
Accountant Gina L, 28, said employees who seemed to be focused in front of their computer screens at their workplace were not necessarily “working”.
“They could be on Facebook or chatting with friends on Google Chat. They could do it for a long time, so their work hours are not at all spent doing work.
“Those who procrastinate get their jobs done slower, so perhaps that explains why a lot of them go back home late!”
Public relations associate director Benjamin Tok felt that the decision by many Malaysians to not take leave was not entirely by choice.
“Is it really because we do not take leave, or are unable to obtain leave?”
Engineer Fuad Ibrahim said his visits to some agencies had led him to wonder whether Malaysians were really workaholics.
“Counters seem to close earlier than they are supposed to and at many times, not all of them are manned.”

Another cotribution from corporate sector for tropical forest conservation.

More aggressive inventory of fauna and  flora in Belum-Temenggor Forest Reserve

Thursday, November 22, 2012

how science can attract more young interest

Environmental Expo for Youth 2012 (YEE12), UPM 24 November 2012, 9a.m.-5p.m.

The Star Thursday November 22, 2012

Environmental expo for youths


Empowering youths: Youngsters should be more involved in environmental programmes and not just their own fields of study. Empowering youths: Youngsters should be more involved in environmental programmes and not just their own fields of study.
THE Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) is organising its inaugural youth environmental expo in collaboration with Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) this Sunday.
The expo is part of MNS’s effort to extend environmental education and awareness to youths by engaging university students.
UPM Biology department head and MNS vice-president Prof Ahmad Ismail said the expo was organised with the aim of recruiting more university students interested in environment and conservation.
“The expo will feature workshops, seminars and exhibitions,” said Prof Ahmad.
“We have invited representatives from other universities to come, learn and participate in the exchange of ideas and knowledge.
“We are also expecting a fair turnout from Kelab Pencinta Alam (KPA) that are already registered with the MNS.
“At the expo, students will need to present activities that they have done in the past and what they plan to do in the coming years.”
While the universities had carried out their own environmental activities in the past, those were mostly scatterred, ad-hoc projects, said Prof Ahmad.
“Therefore, we are hopeful that this expo will be the official take-off for a more structured collaboration between KPA youths at university level and MNS.
He added that the chain of change must be effected from the grassroots level, starting from school-going children right up to the tertiary generation.
“The expo’s main focus is education and empowerment. Without education, there can be no conservation,” he said.
Prof Ahmad said KPA was first launched in 1991 with an original batch of just 12 schools in the Klang Valley.
Special project: The rainwater harvesting project carried out in a school in Sabah, which was coordinated by MNS and sponsored by Coca-Cola. Special project: The rainwater harvesting project carried out in a school in Sabah, which was coordinated by MNS and sponsored by Coca-Cola.
“KPA was set up to provide students with opportunities to put into practice what they have learnt about the environment and science, rather than merely absorbing and memorising lessons inside classrooms.
“Coordinators and teachers were appointed in every state to organise and coordinate programmes where students presented their projects.
“MNS has 13 branches throughout the country and we liaise closely with schools to identify the different forest areas they can go on learning trips.
“Over the years, different schools have carried out their own environmental work; among them wetland conservation programmes, peat swamp studies and even a rainwater harvesting project in Sabah, coordinated by MNS and sponsored by corporations.
“This is why we want to make universities the next stop for more of such projects.”
He added that at universities, nature-based programmes were only available for students majoring in the courses of environmental science, biology and the like, but not for those pursuing other areas of study.
“We need to continuously build a pool of student leaders so that when they leave the university, there will always be a new batch of successors who can take charge.
“That way, environmental programmes are ensured of a continuity.”
He said students could take advantage of MNS’ nature education centres for their educational outings.
They include the FRIM-Shell-MNS Centre in Kepong, Boh-MNS Centre in Cameron Highlands, Rimba Ilmu UM-MNS Centre, Kuala Selangor Nature Park, Batu Caves, ecoCare Centre in Kerteh, Terengganu and the Sepang Gold Coast-MNS Environmental Interpretive Centre (EIC) in Sepang.
The MNS-UPM expo will be held from 9am to 5pm at UPM’s main hall.
For details, email or call 03-2287 9422 / 2283 1590.

Media continuously play roles in disseminating knowledge and information to the public. But source of knowledge and information is very important. Sometime knowledge from sources cannot reach public effectively without media. Therefore we need to marry them so that knowledge can be transferred easily and effectively to the public.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) starting hope, exam oriented, boarding school, book worm, robotic thinking, or what what what?

Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) is not just to assess the real performance of the students. We need future generation is more creative, dare to face challenge and productive. Therefore the schools and parents must think of sharing effort  to further developing students' creativity, capabilities and thinking while they are young in school. We have to nurture creativity and talent in students.

Recent lower results of UPSR does not mean we are declined. This year of 503,928 candidates who sat for the examination, 45,054 scored all A's, which is a 0.54% decrease from last year. Further 17,251 candidates or 3.42% scored below the minimum achievement (those with grades D, E, or a combination of both) compared to 2.88% last year.

"The percentage of candidates with good scores with a minimum Grade C, not including straight A scorers, increased by 1.49% from 55.45% in 2011 to 56.94% (286,930 candidates) in 2012," she said when announcing the results here Monday.

Now we can see probably those 57% of candidate may be more creative and become a creative citizen in the future. My son got more As compared to those his friends in better classes who spent their time with tuition classes and guided study. My son probably spent more time with his PS3, football channels and memorise all top players in the world football clubs but not forgetting local top players rather than doing mathematics and science. BUT he can understand football commentator better than me.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ijazah palsu sepatutnya tidak berlaku sekiranya mepunyai sistem kawalan dan rujukan yang baik

Ijazah palsu: Wujudkan bank data graduan
Wartawan Sinar Harian
16 Julai 2012
Lahir graduan palsu
Ijazah Palsu
Ijazah palsu: Lahir graduan palsu
Kronologi kes
SEBUAH pusat menyimpan data mengenai seseorang graduan mesti ditubuhkan untuk mengelakkan kes pemalsuan ijazah.

Presiden Persatuan Pegawai Akademik Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Prof Dr Ahmad Ismail berkata, pusat tersebut boleh dinamakan sebagai bank data graduan memandangkan kaedah pengumpulan data satu pusat perlu wujud untuk mengelakkan jenayah terhadap kelulusan akademik.

“Bank tersebut mesti mengandungi data pembelajaran seseorang penuntut seperti nombor kad pelajar, nombor siri sijil kelulusan dan juga rekod ketika penuntut berkenaan menyediakan tesis atau penyelidikan.
Presiden Persatuan Pegawai Akademik Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Prof Dr Ahmad Ismail

“Kerajaan perlu pertimbangkan mengenai cadangan seumpama ini supaya majikan dapat membuat semakan terus tanpa perlu melalui birokrasi (bagi mengesahkan ijazah calon pekerja) yang kadangkala melecehkan. Ini kerana, dalam kes ijazah palsu, pihak yang teraniaya adalah majikan.

"Bank data ini bukan sahaja untuk penuntut atau graduan universiti tempatan, tetapi juga pensyarah kerana ada juga kemungkinan pemalsuan bidang kepakaran pensyarah walaupun kebanyakannya boleh dirujuk kepada laman sesawang universiti berkenaan.

“Selama ini, kita tidak ada satu sistem pusat yang mudah untuk para majikan membuat semakan bagi mengesahkan sesuatu sijil itu tulen,” katanya.

Mengulas mengenai sindiket mencetak ijazah palsu melibatkan Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) barubaru ini, Ahmad berkata,kejadian seperti itu tidak sepatutnya boleh berlaku sekiranya ada sistem sedemikian.

Ini kerana, proses hendak lulus bagi seseorang graduan bukanlah semudah seperti memetik jari sebaliknya mereka perlu menjalani kaedah penilaian dan pemarkahan yang bukannya ringkas.

“Mereka perlu menamatkan pengajian dalam tempoh tertentu tidak kiralah peringkat Ijazah Sarjana Muda, Sarjana (Master) atau Doktor Falsafah (PhD). “Dengan adanya kes ijazah palsu, maka intergriti seorang pensyarah juga terjejas. Ini kerana pensyarah yang bertanggungjawab dalam sistem pemarkahan penuntut yang menjadi titik ukur lulus atau gagal.“Jika mereka lulus baru boleh diberikan sijil. Pihak yang terlibat dalam pemalsuan ijazah sebenarnya mencabar kredibiliti pensyarah.

Ironinya, kita letih mengajar dan memberi bimbingan, tetapi ada pula pihak yang dapat sijil ‘segera’. Ahmad berkata, kita perlu ingat bahawa bidang akademik sekarang tidak seperti zaman dahulu lagi, tetapi sudah bersifat antarabangsa. Oleh itu, saya berasakan, negara perlu ada sistem yang mantap untuk menyimpan data kelulusan akademik graduan supaya tidak berlaku penipuan atau plagiat.

Tambahnya, dalam keadaan negara mengalami limpahan penuntut termasuk dari negara asing seperti Afrika dan Timur Tengah misalnya, justeru Malaysia sewajibnya memiliki satu sistem yang selamat selain satu cara berhati- hati.

“Kita akui bahawa terdapat data yang tidak boleh sewenangnya diperlihatkan kepada umum. “Oleh itu, pihak pelaksana perlu membuat kajian secara mendalam terhadap perihal keselamatan dan sensitiviti mengenai seseorang penuntut dan universiti berkenaan supaya tidak ada pula pihak yang mengambil kesempatan. Dibimbangi sekiranya berlaku permasalahan lain pula,” ujarnya.

Sementara itu, Ahli Majlis Akademi Sains Malaysia, Tan Sri Dr. Salleh Mohd Nor memberi pandangan, pihak majikan di negara ini perlu mengambil iktibar dengan kejadian pemalsuan ijazah melibatkan USM yang terbongkar baru-baru ini.

“Majikan perlu membuat semakan terhadap calon yang hendak ditemuduga sama ada sijil yang dibawanya itu tulen.

“Ini sebagai langkah untuk mengelak kecuaian daripada terjebak dengan pemegang sijil palsu.

Kumpulan manusia seperti ini tamak haloba, konon hendak ada kelulusan tetapi tidak mahu berusaha menimba ilmu,” akhiri beliau

Untuk menjawat sesuatu jawatan itu mesti ada kelayakan, kelayakan dari segi kelulusan dan kemahiran mampu untuk menjalankan tugas yang terbaik. Tambahan dengan sikap dan tanggungjawab akan menghasilkan kualiti kerja yang baik. Maka tidak perlu bodek dalam kerja.

Budaya bodek di tempat kerja: Mainan pekerja tidak berkualiti
Wartawan Sinar Harian
25 September 2012
Presiden Persatuan Pegawai Akademik Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Prof Dr Ahmad Ismail
Presiden Persatuan Pegawai Akademik Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Prof Dr Ahmad Ismail
Jika seseorang itu selesa membodek sejak peringkat belajar maka ini akan menjadi kebiasaan individu itu akan membodek ketika dia bekerja kelak. Ini menyebabkan berlaku kes kerja tidak selesai, curi tulang, dan pencapaian diragukan.

“Ini tidak menggambarkan profesionalisme. Budaya bodek, menipu, belas kasihan hanya akan menghasilkan generasi yang tiada integriti, malas, menyeleweng dan rasuah.

"Perlu ditekankan, bodek boleh berlaku kerana seseorang individu itu tiada kualiti, kurang ilmu dan kemahiran, kurang tanggungjawab dan malas. Untuk mewujudkan situasi ‘menjaga hati’ bos atau majikan mesti ada tetapi profesionalisme mesti mengatasi segalanya,”

Mengapa ada individu yang tidak tahu hendak bekerja secara profesional tetapi gemar membodek?

Presiden Persatuan Pegawai Akademik Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Prof Dr Ahmad Ismail berkata, persoalan itu berlaku kerana pekerja di dalam situasi tersebut tidak memahami tugasan dengan sebetulnya ketika di pejabat, tidak bertanggungjawab tetapi ingin mendapat perhatian lebih.

Menurutnya, seseorang pekerja itu tidak tahu hendak berbuat apa-apa berikutan tidak berilmu, kemahiran, kreativiti serta proaktif, melainkan hanya tahu menunggu arahan daripada bos atau penyelia.

“Oleh kerana hendak menjaga hati bos dan majikan, maka dia membodek. Ini berbeza dengan seseorang yang jelas tugasannya dan profesional. Pekerja sebegini tidak bergantung atau perlu membodek bos atau majikan, kerana hasil kerja sudah terserlah cemerlang berdasarkan kepada tugasan yang diberikan,” ujar Prof Ahmad dalam memberi pandangan beliau berhubung amalan bodek di pejabat.

Tegasnya, sepatutnya perbuatan bodek membodek tidak perlu berlaku kerana setiap individu yang terlibat di dalam sesebuah organisasi perlu profesional dalam kerja walaupun hubungan kemanusiaan itu wajib ada.

“Berbalik kepada peringkat sekolah dan universiti. Pelajar dilatih mengikut kurikulum yang dibina khas untuk pembangunan sumber manusia dan keperluan profesional negara untuk masa depan.

“Sistem pendidikan mempunyai takwim, panduan, skim, sistem dan kriteria khas mengenai penyampaian kurikulum, penilaian dan pengredan atau pemarkahan. Dalam sistem pendidikan, isu bodek untuk pemarkahan tidak timbul. Setiap pelajar sepatutnya tahu berapa
markah yang beliau dapat dan sejauh mana dia perlu berusaha untuk mencapai markah yang diperlukan.

“Bahkan kurikulum di universiti mengajar penuntut supaya berdikari mencari maklumat, menganalisis dan membuat tafsiran manakala pensyarah memberi panduan mencari maklumat, menganalisis maklum balas pelajar dan menilai pencapaian mereka berasaskan tugasan diberikan dan masa yang diberikan,” ujar beliau.

Prof Ahmad berkata, itulah proses membentuk profesionalisme yang diterima generasi muda. Jika seseorang itu selesa membodek sejak peringkat belajar, maka ini akan menjadi kebiasaan individu itu akan membodek ketika dia bekerja kelak. Ini menyebabkan berlaku kes kerja tidak selesai, curi tulang, dan pencapaian diragukan.

“Ini tidak menggambarkan profesionalisme. Budaya bodek, menipu, belas kasihan hanya akan menghasilkan generasi yang tiada integriti, malas, menyeleweng dan rasuah.

“Perlu ditekankan, bodek berlaku kerana seseorang individu itu tiada kualiti, kurang ilmu dan malas. Untuk mewujudkan situasi ‘menjaga hati’ bos dan majikan itu mesti ada, tetapi profesionalisme mesti mengatasi segalanya,” ujar Prof Ahmad.

Justeru, katanya, untuk mengelak bodek, tugasan kena jelas dan bertanggungjawab serta dinilai pada akhir masa yang ditetapkan berasaskan sistem yang ada. Setiap pekerja sudah ada senarai semak kerja harian, mingguan atau bulanan dan perlu dilaporkan kepada majikan atau ketua mereka,” akhiri Prof Ahmad.

Cara kita berhujah tentang gaji pensyarah masih belum matang. Bukan setakat gaji besar tetapi kualiti sumbangan dan keperluan negara. Ekonomi berasaskan pengetahuan (K-Economy), profesyen berpendapatan tinggi di Malaysia, menghargai kesarjanaan tidak sama menghasilkan produk kilang dan sumbangan kepada sebuah negara maju. Memang ramai orang Melayu dan Islam mungkin mempunyai pandangan berbeza.

Fokus: Pensyarah tidak semangat isu gaji?

12 November 2012

Presiden Persatuan Pegawai Akademik Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Prof Dr Ahmad Ismail
Presiden Persatuan Pegawai Akademik Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Prof Dr Ahmad Ismail
“Ingat senang bekerja di menara gading? Tanggungjawab pensyarah mendidik golongan cerdik pandai,” lontar Presiden Persatuan Pegawai Akademik Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Prof Dr Ahmad Ismail berhubung isu gaji pensyarah yang dipertikaikan sesetengah pihak sejak akhir-akhir ini.

Menurutnya, pendidikan di peringkat sekolah tidak sama dengan institusi pengajian tinggi (IPT) di mana tugas pensyarah adalah membimbing seseorang penuntut ke arah kerjaya dan profesional serta membentuk mereka menjadi seorang intelek, berdaya saing, kreatif dan inovatif.
“Berbanding alam persekolahan, peringkat umur penuntut di menara gading, dari segi emosinya lebih mencabar untuk dibentuk. Penuntut yang dibimbing pastinya mereka yang bijak dan cemerlang di sekolah. Itu sebab mereka sambung pengajian di universiti.
“Justeru, secara automatik seseorang pensyarah perlu pendidikan tertinggi supaya lebih berkredibiliti kerana memikul tanggungjawab besar ini. Dengan adanya kelayakan akademik tertinggi, pakar dalam bidang mereka maka tugas pensyarah tentunya lebih besar.

“Hendak mengajar orang pandai, kita juga kena bijak, mempunyai lebih ilmu pengetahuan dan kepakaran dalam bidang kita. Kalau cukup-cukup makan, siapa hendak pandang,” ujar beliau dalam nada berjenaka.

Tambahnya, sedia maklum selain sebagai tenaga pengajar, pensyarah juga menyelia penuntut menjalankan penyelidikan pra siswazah dan pasca siswazah, membuat penyelidikan dan menerbitkan makalah ilmiah hasil penyelidikan, mengembangkan hasil kajian kepada masyarakat serta terlibat dengan pentadbiran di dalam universiti serta adakala di luar kampus.

“Pensyarah perlu ada integriti, kredibiliti, bijak dan mempunyai banyak penerbitan ilmiah berkaitan penyelidikan. Terlibat pentadbiran pula supaya pensyarah memiliki daya kepimpinan.

“Hendak tak hendak seseorang pensyarah perlu ada kelulusan doktor falsafah (PhD). Dalam zaman maklumat di hujung jari ini, semua pensyarah mesti menguasai sumber maklumat dan ilmu terkini agar dapat disampaikan kepada mahasiswa," katanya.

Menurutnya, penyelidikan, pembacaan makalah terkini berkaitan penyelidikan dan perkembangan ilmu baharu dunia dalam bidangnya mesti dikuasai oleh pensyarah. Ini membuatkan pensyarah perlu bekerja keras. Barulah gah jawatan pensyarah.

“Tetapi apa imbuhannya? Kebanyakan pensyarah tidak bersemangat atau berkobar-kobar menjana keprofesionalan masing-masing kerana berasa tanggungjawab dilaksanakan tidak setimpal dengan gaji diberi kerajaan,” katanya.

Mungkin skim gaji guru lebih baik, setaraf dengan tugas dan kedudukan mereka berbanding dengan pensyarah. Menurut beliau, bukan hendak menolak peranan guru, namun tugas pensyarah bukan seperti mengajar murid membaca atau memahami mata pelajaran sahaja
malah lebih dari itu.

Beliau, Tugas pensyarah dari tempoh wajib bekerja antara 8.00 pagi hingga 5.00 petang sangat berat. Pensyarah menjalankan enam fungsinya supaya seimbang dengan peranan sebagai penjana tenaga profesional negara. Adalah menjadi perkara biasa pensyarah bekerja lebih dari masa yang ditetapkan. Masa untuk berfikir, merancang penyelidikan, masa untuk berbincang dengan pelajar atau ahli kumpulan penyelidikan, masa untuk menulis, mengedit makalah dan tidak ketinggalan juga menasihati pelajar, pentadbiran dan aktiviti kokurikulum

“Jika ikutkan waktu cuti pun lain. Murid cuti, guru bercuti juga. Tapi pensyarah tak ada cuti semester dan bekerja macam biasa walaupun penuntut bercuti.

“Semak tugasan penuntut. Wajib buat penyelidikan dari semasa ke semasa. Tak ada penyelidikan, orang pun tak pandang. Mesti ada geran penyelidikan. Untuk mendapat geran penyelidikan mesti ada cadangan penyelidikan. Ada yang memegang jawatan pengurusan dan pentadbiran atau mengetuai kumpulan penyelidik. Pokoknya, memang banyak tugas pensyarah dan berat tanggungjawabnya.
“Bukankah lebih tanggungjawab itu sepatutnya dibayar setimpal dengan kesarjanaan seseorang pensyarah?” ujar Ahmad.
Tegasnya, bukan hendak menuding kepada mana-mana pihak tetapi berharap pihak bertanggungjawab jangan memandang sepi terhadap gaji pensyarah.

Tambahnya, dalam mengejar kedudukan universiti di kedudukan dunia dan menyediakan penuntut menjadi tenaga profesional di masa depan, isu gaji perlu dipertimbangkan kerajaan supaya golongan pensyarah terutama yang muda lebih bersemangat.

“Selain mengambil kira PhD, kerajaan boleh membuat pertimbangan dengan mengukur kualiti penyelidikan, penerbitan dan sumbangan kepada masyarakat umum atau bidang kepakaran seseorang pensyarah dalam isu gaji ini,” saran beliau.

Laporan di atas sebahagian daripada artikel Bicara Isnin (12 November), Sinar Harian hari ini.

Thynnichthys thynnoides: It was reported many times in Sugai perak near Chenderoh but no dates recorded. No detail informatin is available beside it is fresh water fishes, migratory species for breeding, seasonal (in october migrationg upstream for breeding) and popular among the locals for fishing.

Photo by Prof Maketab Mohamed MNS President
We need to study its biology and ecology now so that the species is not extinct. Since it is now unique in the area, it can be one of ecotourism product beside fishing and local protein sources.
Non commercial fishes are easy to extinct because we do not give attention to them. When their habitat disturbed, migration route blocked, over harvesting, no systematic control of habitat and fish availability, one day this fish cannot be seen in the particular area. Japanese Medaka (Orizyas latipes) can show the example. Very lucky Japanese government took initiative to educate public including school children and providing grants for scientists to conserve the fish. The fish is will known among Japanese and they a special museum for the fish. Can Malaysia do this? so better take this opportunity to protect and conserve.

Saving water bills by 50% every month? every departments should allocate RM30K for rain water harvesting system. The water can be used for toilet, washing and watering plants.

Why we are waisting clean water to water plants and flush our toilets. Safe water and water bills. We can start with schools part of education, attitude development, saving government money and green!!

To day I have a small discussion among the Malaysian educated generations after New Economic Policy (NEP-which they were subsidised or fully suppoorted and planned by the government). The are about 50s years of age. When I talk about research grants that I got from private sectors overseas and travelling opportunities to attend coferences and workshops overseas. You know what they said? What do you get from that? the money do not go to your pocket and you dont enjoy your travelling, no freedom. Look at some people get commission from the government projects and sponsored holiday trips overseas. They got money, enjoy trips overseas and got promoted some more.

 But when I presented to international scientists participants (from Japan, Korea, Eastern Europe, China, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam), they said good! congratulation! and come we working together with Prof Ahmad Ismail. Malaysian need to be educated and exposed!. May be Malaysian government is too strong, rich, pampered and protected its people. We need to spent more money and effort to change Malaysian profesional attitides.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sukan dikalangan staf menyumbang kepada pembangunan organisasi. semua ahli perlu sokongaktiviti sebegini dan tidak mungkin boleh dibenarkan sebarang boikot

Another success project, ideas, motivation, support and hard work. But all depend in leadership and team work, trust, acceptance, confidence and willing to do.

Media plays very important roles in dessiminating academician ideas. Even the vice chancellors and ministers will followup after the ideas and findings from professors are exposed in the media.

Our neighbour also interested to collaborate with us especially when they know UPM is real number one in Malaysia and Malaysia will develope programme Bangsa Moro in Mindanao. This group interested to work on pollution, fish and tropical ecology in general. we have few PhD holders graduated from UPM in coastal ecology and migratory shore birds.

We discussed on the possibility of having short student attachment on tropical ecology from two universities in Manila.
This ugly and small place is visited by many top scientists in fish ecology and medaka fishes from USA, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Philippines. This make top scientists support me because I keep working eventhough my laboratory is not as  good as others. 

Another new opportunity for collaboration with Polish Univesity.

 This group from  Nicolaus Copernicus University interested in studying insects
 I dont have to go there and spent thousands of ringgit to collaborate with them. Just through email we discuss and bring them here. More things will happen between UPM and NCU, Poland
Prof Jaroslaw Buszko from Department of Animal Ecology, Nicolaus Copernicus University interested to study animal ecology especially insects from the above canopy to forest floor. Do we have students to work with him and his students?