Sunday, June 8, 2014

World Ocean Day 2014: On and around June 8, people around the globe will come together to celebrate this year’s World Oceans Day theme: “Together we have the power to protect the ocean.” This growing global event serves as a rallying point for raising awareness and promoting personal and community action in fun and positive ways, leading to a more aware, engaged, and sustainable society, and a healthier ocean. Hundreds of events are planned this year to help individuals be part of the solution for our ocean by supporting clean energy choices, trash-free coasts and beaches, sustainable seafood, and more.

A dolphin gets up close and personal with the camera. (Photograph by Matt Weiss)A sea turtle swims up from the depths. (Photograph by Matt Weiss)
The concept for a “World Ocean Day” was first proposed in 1992 by the government of Canada at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. When The Ocean Project adopted this event in 2002, there were no events in the U.S. and very few worldwide. We envision this event growing as a global platform to capture people’s imaginations with engaging experiences and to tap into the innovativeness of people around the world to help collaboratively solve the problems facing our ocean and society.

Our knowledge on air pollution from landfill sites open burning need to be increased through seminar, conference and research. It is very dangerous inhaling gases from landfill sites. Not just methane but many other toxic chemicals.

Tan Sri Mustapha Kamal helping a lot on conservation of orang utan and biodiversity of Belum-Temenggor in Perak.

In educating children on environment need support from all agencies including bank. NGO such as MNS cannot work alone in disseminating knowledge to public.

Education cannot stop. This annual event must be continued not just a ceremonial but together with activities involving young and future generations.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The increases of banana price challenge all agriculture agencies from university, research institution, and government department. Why prices increased? Low production?, diseases, Fertilizer, space, operators, demand,.....many involve.

Making Sense of Price and Rise

Program Kayuhan Hidup Sihat MPSJ-UPM antara aktiviti promosi "healthy life style" in urban areas. We need to improve cycle lane in urban areas. Areas such as Subang Jaya and Serdang Town need to have a special lane for bicycle.

The country is still lagging behind in good results for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathe­matics (STEM), said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. More than ten years we are talking about the same thing. May be we need to see right person leading. We do not want jokers or clown leading teaching science and technology. Teachers can be very frustrated if ideas keep changing and they cannot see the results.

Study camp: Najib launching the Bitara STEM Felda-UKM camp at MRSM Felda Trolak near Sungkai, Perak.

We are not in the list of 1,622 recipients of Federal awards and medals conferred by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah. We need to work harder for the country. We are not top 1600 Malaysian to day. See next year. Can we in the list?

Mangrove tree plating by a group from CitiBank. Briefing before start a correct way of planting mangrove and function of mangrove in coastal areas

In conjunction with world environmental day we clean beaches all over the country together with Rakan Alam Sekitar. MNS have over 360 activities a year.

Ecotourism is not new but nor many understand about ecotourism. It is sensitive and all need to be educated. A conflict between ecotourism, nature tourism, recreation and hobby are always need attention and clarification. All must understand why nature protection and conservation is important.

Continuous project by Malaysian nature Society (MNS) with Petronas on water for life. Educating people on clean water, source of clean water, use of water and water conservation.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Need foreigners to open our mind. I brought professors graduated from Harvard to collaborate ad telling basic sciences to students and staff in Malaysia. We still do not respect our local!

Pollution in Kelang River is not a new story. It is and old talk and still continue. Even though government is very concern and taking actions on it BUT a lot more need to do. Education is very important.

Culture, status, food demand cause high demand of water supply. Fighting for water anf filfill the culture and life style increase water bills and derected towards corruption and mis managing the country. Water is life and for life demand more research in all aspects of science to maintain harmonious life of the society.

Water guzzler: The stimulant plant qat is craved by Yemenis. – AFP
In the mountains around Sanaa, farmers are drilling so many unlicensed boreholes to irrigate the thirsty crop – craved by the capital’s residents – that the water table is falling by as much as 6m a year. Engineers now have to drill 1,500m in some areas before reaching the aquifer.

What sad about our country is too many leaders,panel assessors and decision makers are not the experts to assess the research proposals. Below is the product that the proposal was rejected by the panel experts (?) and they are not confident with the proposal and scientists involve. In fact recently I talked to one of the panels still do not believe that we can export the product. Our panels and many scientists still following the world not leading. If the model of research are accepted by NASA, sadly our panel still dreaming.

Photo: For export only

Since the Prophet Mohamad, Malacca history of Cheng Ho and Hang Li Po, Chinese community in Malaysia, business, academic knowledge, science & technology, industry, people, etc. make Malaysian need to strengthen collaboration with Chinese as a new eastern super power. HOW Malaysia can balance relation strength with other other superpower? We need to look closely on our education system, attitude of our people and unity among Malaysian.

Rhino conservation is an international issues. Not just panda BUT rhino too. All scientists from all over the world mus participate in all aspect of ecology, behaviour, physiology, genetic, diseases and breeding programmes. We cannot wait until too late. How Malaysia and Indonesia can learn from panda experience.

Averting extinction: Iman, trapped in March, is unable to breed naturally owing to tumours in her womb. Her egg cells, however, can be extracted to produce embryos in the lab. —LIM CHIA YING/The Star
Rhinos wallow in the mud to cool off and to obtain vital minerals which help them deworm and heal wounds. - Photo from Yayasan Sime Darby
Mud bath: Male rhino Tam enjoying his moment in a wallow at Tabin Wildlife Reserve, Sabah. In the past, captive rhinos were not given access to wallows, which they need to cool their bodies and obtain various minerals. — Bernama