Sunday, November 22, 2015

last year, Muslim travellers spent a total of US$62bil (RM274.21bil) globally: US$36bil (RM159.22bil) on shopping and US$26bil (RM114.99bil) on dining. What is the secret behind this?

MasterCard-CrescentRating Muslim Shopping Travel Index 2015

How far we can certainly say that banana leaves have better antibacterial properties against other common bacteria such as P. aeruginosa, E. aerogenes, P. mirabilis, S. flexneri,, Citrobacter, E. faecalis and S. aureus, the leaves are also quite effective against fungi such as Aspergillus terreus and Penicillium solitum and free from BPA (or bisphenol A – or even more accurately, 4,4’-dihydroxy-2,2-diphenylpropane).

Banana leaf, plastic and other musings

In this age, the English language is the international language, lingua franca, and much of the knowledge comes to us in the English language, If we only master Bahasa Melayu we cannot actively move forward in the world, especially in the economic world, Mastering the English language is crucial to progress, especially in the fields of science and mathematics

Dr Mahathir added that there are new discoveries every day in science and technology by researchers, and in order not to fall behind it is necessary to have a good command of the English language.

Malaysian champions in Cambridge intervarsity debating competition: we need more debaters at schools and uiversities levels.

Vaping and smoking are banned in all 20 public universities in the country, said Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh. BUT how to solve it because until now cigarette issues cannot be solved.

Reactivating Persatuan Ekologi Malaysia (PEM) after long time hibernate.

Another KPA camp at national level. MNS KPA involves 400 schools. This time 33 school with 31 teachers involved. We hope CEPA activities will continue.

This is not a ceremonial only but enhancement process for the existing activities. R2C is a trade mark.

in the tropics, coral reefs face a host of interconnected problems (bleaching, corrosion, disease, spreading seaweed, invasive species) that are all caused by rising CO2 levels. the spread of marine life that cause problems, such as toxic jellyfish blooms and rotting algal mats and Based on a synthesis of evidence available to date, there was predicted the problems associated with harmful marine life will get worse in response to rising CO2.

Marine invasive species benefiting from rising CO2 levels
Small creatures can be a good indicators for climate changes. We need to study these creatures and the study must be for a long term and global, Networking and collaboration among scientists in the world is important.
Limpets’ ability to cling to rocks have sparked the curiosity of scientists. Photo: The Star/Tan Cheng Li

Since 2006 I formed rugby team in USJ. The history cannot be changed. BUT MPSJ and schools still not making clear decision on allowing or make it official one rugby field in one of the schools in USJ or MPSJ.

Initiator of the programme Professor Madya Dr Ahmad Ismail said the rugby team was started because he felt rugby was a unique game that could develop strong teamwork. 
“A pro tem committee has already been formed and the only thing pending is the official establishment of the Rugby Club of Subang Jaya. 
“Once the club has been formed, we want to bring the seniors back to lead the current team. We have the cooperation of the community, schools and the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ),” continued Ahmad.

Another campaign is KSNP as another new Ramsar Site. WWe beed to have more Ramsar Sites to protect wetlands for wildlife habitat and local usage.

we need to educate public and make more publicity about Flyway for bird migration. Shore birds important bird areas (IBA) is important along the flyway. Public need to know. MNS can help.

relaunching recycle to cycle UPM (R2C 2.0) another coca-cola contribution for active life of Malaysian. UPM is leading and part of it we have green building on campus for students to use it.

You can have ideas but if you dont have time, expertise, money and power then you are just dreaming. Teaching film through film is very effective and practical. Classroom activities will enhance the understanding of science. BUT in Malaysia probably still far because the leaders and the administrators cannot do it and do not see how we can do it.

Monday, November 9, 2015

In the process of ranking we must bench mark good universities and try to follow them.

 Are they truly tradition or because of hearsay. One thing for sure they are established long time ago.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

In the era of global rankings, higher education is becoming an increasingly competitive and global endeavour which requires senior academic and administrative managers, and evaluation and planning teams, who are not only intelligent, but also highly skilled in formulating appropriate strategic directions, and managing these strategies through to implementation. Success is only possible when university and college managers possess the required personal resources and skills to develop and sustain significant advantage in our highly competitive and increasingly complex higher education markets. Despite these requirements, most senior managers in higher education have found themselves in their roles as a result of their research and teaching excellence rather than their abilities as managers of large organisations.There are currently very few, if any, short strategic leadership and management workshops where existing and new leaders in higher education can work alongside some of their most successful colleagues from around the world, and learn some of the most proven approaches to effective strategic and organisational management. Consequently, this workshop is designed to bridge the skills gap for senior managers and leaders in the field of higher education, and provide a range of tools and skills which will equip them to excel in their challenging roles as academic and administrative leaders.

The Sarawak Government has announced the significant discovery of a new cave near Mulu, which is at least six million years old and possibly within the top 15 largest in the world. The discovery was made by world famous British explorer Andy Eavis on Oct 15. It took Eavis a total of 24 expeditions to Mulu since his first attempt all the way back in 1977 to find this new cave, according to the Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC).

We need to organise good scientific expedition to uncover more natural history of this cave.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Editors of Q1 journals recognised me in the field of Ecotoxicology and Biodiversity Monitoring. this make me busy reviewing the manuscript every week. BUT just free professional services.

Another contribution at national level. We need to have National Biodiversity Centre soon to look after our biodiversity effectively.

Another happy moment, receiving award for excellence in academic. What is next? continue studies or go for job hunting or do own business?

Many are worried about wildlife health during and after haze because of forest fire in Indonesia, from natural lovers to politician. BUT how to stop from happening again next year? This event is an annual festival Forest Fire and Haze! We need to do something at all levels politician and scientists and local authorities.

Motivation to young students. One day they will come to UPM and learn about science and Biology. Another contribution for STEM

Another contribution in Environmental Education. This time sponsored by Vale near Lumut Perak. We established another Nature Education Centre (NEC)

after 40 years Faculty of Science UPM leading in many fields especially in teaching science in schools. All alumni in schools should come back to faculty and continue in enhancing teaching in science, biology, physic, chemistry and mathematics.

Another MNS activity for nature protection and conservation. We do activities in whole country with many agencies.