Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tahap pemikiran manusia di negara membangun

Seperti yg saya katakan dahulu dalam blog ini, Ada orang masih budaya korek parit.

Ada orang cakap saja banyak tapi tak nampak apa yang dibuat atau hasilnya.

Kita selalu lupa dan tidak menghormati idea, tambahan lagi idea itu free. Ramai pula orang yang Kompleks rendah diri, selalu gah tentang diri sendiri. Buat satu benda macam ayam bertelor sebiji rioh sekampung.

Saya pernah ceritakan satu masa dahulu semasa kejadian banjir menenggelamkan peralatan saintifik berharga Berjuta ringgit. Idea di koridor tentang pengurusan air banjir sekiranya hujan lebat berlaku. Memandangkan kita bukan seorang engineer, maka idea ditolak dan berbagai tohmahan termasuk sepuluh idea diberi, satu pun Belum tahu boleh diterima.

Malangnya esoknya, human lebat membawa air Dari seluruh kawasan menumpu ke tempat perbincangan semalam dan menenggelamkan alatan Berjuta ringgit. Landskap sekarang Sudah berubah berbanding 70 tahun dahulu. Maka pemikiran juga perlu berubah. Kita perlu peka pembangunan di persekitaran kita, walaupun tempat kita terlalu sentimental dengan sejarah dan tiada perubahan struktur bangunan termasuk parit atau sistem saliran.

Manusia tahap pemikiran, sesiapa Beri idea buat, melihat kepada jenama, ikut apa bos kata, tengok apa orang lain buat dan malas berfikir perlu berubah. Tak semestinya orang yang memberi idea korek parit, mesti korek parit atau orang yang ikut apa yang seseorang itu cakap mesti dibuat di hadapan orang yang mendengar.

Dalam sebuah negara maju sistem, hirarki dan fungsi sangat jelas. Makanya, latihan sumber manusia untuk fungsi tertentu perlu dan istilah "right person at the right place at the right time and function" perlu dipakai.

Kita kena lupa sekejap taksub dengan jenama, budaya "wait and see" dan apa orang kata. Tindakan atau "action" penting!

Academic Freedom: Are we practicing it through our academic management system OR just follow what school kids ask the professors what to think or do?

Academic freedom is important because it enable academic to think freely, to speculate and to experiment for the new ideas.

What is academic freedom?
1. Who should teach?
2. What should be taught?
3. How it should be taught?
4. Who should be admitted as a students?

Academic pushing the frontier knowledge, discovery and invention to create new values and contributing to economic growth.

Model, Fashion, Actress OR Reality. RU=research not experimental

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Competing for excellence in the university: strategies and traps

1. In the universities two main things that are challenging; to publish in good journals and producing good and marketable graduates.
2. In the process of achieving these missions, both research and academic sections developed the strategies.
3. Research demand for publications, products and patterns. All these depending on the money and good post graduate students.
4. Academic section establishing measurement tools to show that they are having and doing good system to monitor good practice towards producing good students without assessing the quality of the students for the specific Market.
5. Finally we are trapped, by having research run by the students and lecturers are facing computer filling forms in the systems.
6. When the student graduated, they bring with them incomplete research and knowledge.
7. In the university, relationship between students and lecturers suppose to be close and having more time together through discussion on the subject matter or research, develop future ideas and intellect.
8. Close relationship will develop many things; understading the field better and later they become the experts, self belonging, future networking and strong alumni. Professors must have a strong groups and networking with current and past students.
9. The trend that are going on now in many universities, busy on publishing papers, collecting number of publications, analysis student achievement by filling forms (not develop the students directly), and thinking ofbranking, promotion and may be calculation saving before retirement.
10. All these may be run away from true teaching in the university. We cannot produce quality students andvbecome world class university.

Macamana masih ada orang boleh tipu Ada PhD atau Masters zaman sekarang?

Just go to google, type your name, theses title, university then enter you will get it. OR go to you university's library then ask for your thesis title and name then you will get it. I cannot imagine zaman cyber still the employer can be cheated.

Finland v England Education systems: Where Malaysia like to adopt?

Private schools

The vast majority of children attend comprehensive schools in Finland. The country has a handful of faith-based and alternative schools, which are legally private but funded by the state. They cannot charge fees but may set their own catchment areas. In England, 7.2% of children attend private schools, which are free to select pupils and charge fees. A private education costs parents an average of £10,100 a year.


Finland has only one set of national exams, the matriculation exam when pupils are about to leave upper school, aged 18. But children are tested regularly on what they have learned. In England, children have national tests in English, maths and science at the end of year 6, aged 11. They sit another set of national exams when they take GCSEs at 16 and then have A-levels at 18.

Free school meals

Every Finnish child is entitled to a free school meal, in both primary and upper schools. Finland began providing free school meals 60 years ago, both to encourage children to attend school and help them learn.

In England free school meals are currently available only for children from families receiving unemployment benefit. The coalition scrapped Labour plans to extend free school meals to families below the poverty line, which is calculated as £19,500 a year for a couple with two children.

Finland's schools flourish in freedom and flexibilityState prescribes the curriculum but leaves teachers alone to decide how to teach the subject

there is diversity within the state system, with high schools allowed to select pupils on the basis of academic merit after 16. There are two separate streams for post-16 education; academic schools and vocational ones, although both can lead to higher education.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

World education rankings: which country does best at reading, maths and science?

Non experts try to champion: Thats Why We always recieve half cooked systems or procedures

Find Your Path to a Health Care Career:See how the right education can help you find a place in this fast growing field.

Career #1 - Registered Nurse (In this role, you could find yourself administering medications and care programs to patients, providing emotional and educational support, or assisting with medical procedures, such as surgery or rehabilitation.)
Career #2 - Medical Coding and Billing Specialist (As a medical coding and billing specialist, you might be responsible for accurately applying codes to patients' medical records. The hospital or medical facility uses these codes to bill health insurance programs for reimbursement.)
Career #3 - Health Care Administrator (As a health care administrator (also known as a health services manager), your responsibilities might include planning, directing, coordinating, and supervising the daily operations of a health care facility or a specific medical department.)
Career #4 - Medical Assistant (In an administrative medical assisting role, you might find yourself scheduling appointments, filing insurance claims, or maintaining records. You might also have clinical responsibilities, such as monitoring patient vitals, drawing blood samples for testing, or explaining diet, exercise, or medication information to patients.)
Career #5 - Accountant (If you love numbers and can stay organized, you might find your niche as an accountant in the health care industry.)
Career #6 - Computer Support Specialist (As the health care industry increasingly relies on technology, the need for computer support specialists will continue to grow.)

Up to 20 million tons of debris from Japan’s tsunami moving toward Hawaii

Some 5 to 20 million tons of debris--furniture, fishing boats, refrigerators--sucked into the Pacific Ocean in the wake of Japan's March 11 earthquake and tsunami are moving rapidly across the Pacific. Researchers from the University of Hawaii tracking the wreckage estimate (rough estimate of 5 to 20 million tons of debris) it could approach the U.S. West Coast in the next three years.

Crew members from the Russian training ship the STS Pallada "spotted the debris 2,000 miles from Japan," last month after passing the Midway islands, the Mail wrote. "They saw some pieces of furniture, some appliances, anything that can float, and they picked up a 20-feet long fishing boat. That's actually our first confirmed report of tsunami debris,

Monday, October 24, 2011

Environmental Education is a non stop activities for the future generations

Sometime we need to use vips, celebrities and politicians to support our conservation activities

Many asked me Why I am wearing green not red like others?
1. the organiser did not give me the shirt.
2. May be I am representing the Department of Biology (the students are wearing red), President of Academic Association (PPA), representing Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), representing MAPIN (Majlis Pemaufakatan Ibu bapa National) and representing the Local community. So cannot wear read (???).

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pelbagaikan penglibatan generasi muda tentang alam sekitar dan alam semulajadi bagi memupuk minat dan kefahaman mereka tentang alam sekitar

conservation & environmental awareness start at young age

Tree Planting Continues: not only campaign but actions. UPM-Mitsubishi plan to plant 1 million forest trees in UPM

Belum-Temenggor Forest Reserve Need to be protected

What and why Belum-Temenggor need to be protected?
1. Wildlife conservation.
2. Gene pool of animals and plants.
3. Teaching and Research.
4. Tourisms, jobs and poverty.
5. Involvement of everybody; public, naturalist, conservationist, business, business, politician, enforcement officers, etc.
6. For Royal Belum Reserve Forest in particular, involvement of military, police, orang asli, local authorities and business need to be coordinated for the purpose of conservation of this International values of Royal Belum Forest.

Science, nature, conservation, hobby, business and profit

UPM, MNS and TM leaders meeting in boat while fishing. Not that easy to promote nature conservation and getting support from big companies. Banding lake and Temenggor-Belum forest need to be preserve for future generations and ecological balance. Public understanding, awareness, support and support from business sectors are needed to make naturalist dream materialised.

Computer Prices Keep Falling

Religion and science should move together

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Position, policies, enforcement and actions

To day I have the opportunity to talk to a politician, NGO, community leaders and the high ranking government officers. We talked about many topics related to the environment. One of the hot topic is about fire flies in Kuala Selangor. As I said earlier, there is always a conflict between public, community leaders, locals, tourists, businessman, politician and government officers. Very easy, every one have their own taste and demand. In democratic country we have rules and regulations to follow in order to make sure that we are living in harmony. All public and business demand can be helped by the politician and the government officers who are managing rules, enforcement and actions. In case of fireflies in Kampung Kuantan, Kuala Selangor, old advice by scientists in 1980s was not followed and now we have problems and pressures from clients. All because wrongly read rules and regulations, wrongly advice, greedy and wrong decision by the politician, locals community leaders and the government officers. Now, how and what to do?. The engineers claim that they can rebuild and scientist can advice. If really have demand from public, business and politician, then we could work it out.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Aircondition, awareness, attitude, energy, saving, health and environment

what will happen if engineers are good in communication and language? Thats why in all organisation we need these three to move forward.


Thursday, October 20, 2011



Date : 22 - 23/10/2011 (SAT & SUN)

Venue : Kuala Selangor Nature Park

PESTA SAYAP 2011 (FESTIVAL OF WINGS 2011) IS FLYING IN TO THE KUALA SELANGOR NATURE PARK AGAIN!! A warm invitation is extended to you, to be a part of this unique event this weekend, on October 22nd and 23rd at the Kuala Selangor Nature Park. If you're feeling fit and sporty, how about breaking a sweat and joining the challenging Pesta Sayap-BATA Run in the morning?

Bring your family and friends along, learn some useful tips on bird watching, take part in the firefly quiz or join the scenic mangrove river cruise and learn to harvest cockles! Stay back later for a night of great acoustic music at our GREENaid concert on Saturday at 6:00 to 8:30 pm. Mark your dates and join us this weekend!

7 Gadgets That Won't Be Around In 2020

1. Standalone GPS Systems
2. E-Readers
3. Feature Phones
4. Low-End Digital Cameras
5. Recordable CDs and DVDs
6. Video Game Consoles
7. DVD Players

Hindsight may always be 20-20, but you don’t need particularly great foresight to know many of the gadgets on today’s market won’t be around in 2020 given how quickly the tech industry keeps changing. In the first half of the 2000s, retailers were buzzing about the prospects of MP3 players and netbooks, but by the end of the decade, those products had largely been replaced by smartphones and tablets.

As tempting as it may be to imagine otherwise, some of the gadgets you may rely on most right now will likely suffer the same fate and be killed off or made obsolete by the end of this decade. Sure, you may still be able to find these products for sale in certain niche stores, but they will no longer be produced for a mass-market audience.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

University Ranking 2011

Top University 2011

University ranking change again. Benchmarking, challenging, competition, hardworking and attraction.

Is it normal for university staff competing for ranking or they are working as usual but focus for criteria. What are criteria for the top ranking? Academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty-student ratio, proportion of international faculty, propotion of international students, and citations per faculty. The formula may be all are keep working for the best products.

Computer, networking, system, information, management and application

Over 20 years a go people are talking about information technology that can accelerate the human thinking and actions. Later the information are transferred very quick and at real time all over the world. Now ICT is not new anymore and used by all. What we need now are creativity, managing and application. We need to develop the system, managing them with data input and how to apply. For the teaching system for example, ICT is very important and all tools related are common and used everyday for data and information extraction, analysis, transformation and presentation or application. ICT can make teaching and learning a lot more easier and effective. Not only in teaching, infact ICT can be used in the management systems. BUT if we do not know how to use, the systems will burden us. ICT should make our life or work easier. If the systems burden us compared to the manual the organisation have to check.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Kadang-kadang kita Sudah lama bertahun-tahun terlibat dalam penyelidikan, penerbitan, kerjasama dan jaringan antarabangsa, muncul di tv, Surat khabar, dikenali ramai, memegang jawatan penting dalam sesuatu organisasi, banyak kerjasama, aktiviti dan jaringan masyarakat, membantu agensi kerajaan dan Swasta dan terlibat dalam badan bukan kerajaan tidak pernah di berikan perhatian dan penghormatan. Malangnya sekali atau sekejap atau sedikit penglibatan dan pencapaian seseorang telah mendapat pengisytiharan, penghormatan dan pengiktirafan Dari organisasi. Kadang-kadang kita rasa tidak adil dalam kehidupan. Itulah Nama nya rezki yang bukan milik kita. Kita harus bersabar dan terus berusaha mencapai cita-cita. Jari tak sama panjangkan, pokok tak sama tinggi, buah tak sama besar dan perut tak sama buncit, rambut sahaja yang sama hitam (kecuali yang beruban atau botak).

Respect leader is one of the criteria for success

How good is yourself, how high is your status, how big is your house or how much money you have you must know how to respect leaders. What you have is yours but your respect is one way to share with and support the organisation. May be with your support the organisation can do better. If you have bad attitude, ego, do not know how to respect people, better stay quietly away from others and do your own work. May be your work can contribute to the organisation.

alumni Dan peribahasa kacang lupakan kulit

Sekarang musim menganugerahkan ijazah oleh universiti tempatan. Sejauh mana graduan akan berperanan sebagai alumni yg berfungsi atau menjadi spt peribahasa melayu. Kita lihat banyak universiti ulung di dunia, antara kekuatan adalah alumni.

is ceremonial activity part of duty for the country?

Ceremonial activities is one of many ways to witness the events, laĆ¹nching, awards, etc. Therefore it is important and recognised by the societies. Attending an official ceremony is part of the duties.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Fungsi Universiti, graduan dan amanah pensyarah

Lambakan graduate atau keperluan negara?

Media play roles in nature conservation.

We need more documentary films and reporting on the environment. Environment reporting involve children, community and the experts will make the efforts more effective. The success of environment awareness among public in developed countries started through series of environmental education programmes, medias and documentaries. Aggressive training, supports and actions on environment education will attract more public in the environmental issues.

Nature, conservation and community involvement.

Many countries in the world are talking about the same thing on conservation. Protected biodiversity, protected areas, forests and sustainable development are among the slogans. At the same time the world are talking about pollution, deforestation, logging, land clearing, poaching, wildlife trading and many other things. Establishing the laws, regulation and enforcement are among the actions by the related governments. The best answer for nature conservation are education and community involvement. NGOs and education institution must play roles in these approaches. To make the activities smooth, sponsors are needed.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Persiapan, kemahiran dan pengalaman serta satu pengajaran

hari ini nasib kurang baik. dah la jarang dipercayai orang walaupun apa pernyatan yang kita buat terbukti. ramai orang bodoh dan percaya kepada kabar angin walaupun kenyataan di hadapan mata. bila balik pula tayar kereta bocor, angin keluar maka kena tukar tayar. nak minta orang tolong takut tiada yang percaya tayar kereta bocor. nak talipon orang yang kita kenal tolong talipon habis bateri. maka kenalah buat sendiri, gunakan kemahiran dan pengalaman yang ada. ambil tayar spare, buka skrew dan tukar tayar. semasa saya menukar tayar kereta, ada ramai orang tengok, orang muda, tua, gaya eksekutif, pekerja kontrak, drebar lori, gadis cantik dan pembantu pam minyak termasuk taukeh stesen minyak itu. Tiada siapa pun yang ingin menolong. Sampai last skrew, berlari seorang pembantu pam minnyak nak bantu, katanya saya dah lama tengok pak cik tukar taya nampak macam dah letih, biar saya bantu. Saya kata terima kasih dah siap pun. sambil menyimpan spanar dan tayar yang bocor dalam kereta. orang muda itu pun melihat, saya masuk dalam kereta dan dia bantu tutup pintu. Saya hanya ucapkan terima kasih sekali lagi kerana dia tolong tutup pintu dan bergerak dari situ.
Ingat kalau pun kita selalu tolong orang tidak semestinya orang akan tolong kita. maka janganlah berharap orang akan menolong kita sekiranya kita dalam kesusahan. kita akan kecewa lagi sekiranya orang yang kita selalu tolong hanya melihat kita dalam kesusahan. Maka kita mestilah selalu bersedia dan terus bekerja untuk hidup sendiri. Tak ramai orang yang ingin membantu tetapi ramai yang minta dibantu. Tak ramai orang yang mahu menerima tetapi ramai yang mahu diterima.
Ringkasnya kita mesti mampu berdikari.

Which graduates really first class honours

The British undergraduate degree classification system is a grading scheme for undergraduate degrees (bachelor's degrees and integrated master's degrees) in the United Kingdom. The system has been applied (sometimes with significant variations) in other countries, such as Australia, Bangladesh, Barbados, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa and Trinidad and Tobago.

The Latin honours system used in the United States is different but has some similarities.

A degree may be awarded with or without honours, with the class of an honours degree based on the average mark of the assessed work a candidate has completed.
First class honours (1st)
Second class honours, upper division (2:1)
Second class honours, lower division (2:2)
Third class honours (3rd)
Ordinary degree (Pass)

British First Class; American GPA 4.00; Secured Marks Level 70+
British Upper Second; American GPA 3.33-3.67; Secured Marks Level 60-69
British Lower Second; American GPA 3.00; Secured Marks Level 50-59
British Third; American GPA 2.30; Secured Marks Level 40-49
British Ordinary Pass; American GPA 2.00; Secured Marks Level 35-40



In many universities throughout the world (including countries such as Canada, Ukraine (National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy), Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka) convocation is the university graduation ceremony to award degrees to students and honorary graduates.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Brain storming, meeting or decision making, checking according to policy, making policy or endorsing

Sometimes members of committee do not understand at what levels they are in. Some issues endorsemment, some are checking according policy and some levels are decision making. Off course in parliament also we can see a lot of argument, but within limited time they are making decision. Meeting usually not for brain storming. Brainstorm usually in the special workshops or discussion. Members of the meeting must identify herself where they are, at what levels. By understand that members can discuss, making decision, endorsement or giving opinion.

Continuously leading in Agriculture to support food security and food safety

Food and safe space to live are important issues for now and future. Food security, food safety and global warming and climate change are hot agenda and became top issues of the world. In Malaysia, these issues are discussing now and top priority of the country. But how far we are doing is a big question. How UPM as dominant university in those fields involve remain a big question. As a university that Is leading in agriculture and environment, UPM should involve. The government must involve upm in the issue and allocated some fund. We definitely do not want to discuss after we are facing the problems. Proactive actions are needed.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

If business people in ecotourism are struggling supporting nature protection and conservation, how giant company and the politician can help?

Definitely the professor can help all tourist operators, businessman, nature lovers, school children, giant companies and even the prime minister.

Nature, protection, conservation, tourism, ignorant, corruption and business

In 1992 as a secretary general of Malaysian Ecological Society, I organised a conference on ecotourism. At that time not many people are talking about this topic. In fact MATTA and Malaysian Hotel Association are not interested. Many of my friends try to be champion in this field but then they stopped. I continue getting closer with tourist operators, travel agents and government agencies. Later Malaysian Department of Domestic Tourisms appointed me as a one of the panel judges for ecotourism, a new field of tourism attraction. Companies like Borneo Divers, Asian Overlands, Head Hunters, Reliance and Perhilitan (Taman Negara) supported the ideas of ecotourism industries in Malaysia. Now many are in this industry. Sabah and Sarawak have better opportunity. These people res[pect scientist, ecologist, botanist and zoologist. These experts can be their asset to help or advice then in promoting more nature for tourism industries. Now we realise Business can be more effective than scientists in protecting and conserving nature. BUT how far they can compete with loggers, planters and corruption.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Merdeka Award in Utusan 11 October 2011

Stool - Healthy and Unhealthy Stool. What does your stool say about your health?

What to eat for Dinner everyday?

Can we eat nasi lemak, nasi goreng, mee goreng mamak, nasi campor, nasi kerabu, nasi beriani, mee rebus dan laksa? any good formula for our own diet?

Merdeka Award

Sains dan teknologi teras pembangunan negara

Di Malaysia Ada kementerian sains, teknologi dan inovasi atau lebih mudah disebut sebagai MOSTI. Sejauh mana MOSTI berperanan dalam pembangunan negara. Lihat misi, visi, tindakan dan struktur pentadbiran mereka. Mungkin juga perlu dilihat siapa yang mentadbir dan mengurus MOSTI. Semua soalan tadi adalah antara sebab pencapaian S&T negara ditahap sekarang. Kalau mahu maju MOSTI perlu lebih berstruktur.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why science students are not in popular jobs OR we need to integrate other subject in science programme

New budget 2012 challenge life style

How many types of Malaysian responding to budget 2011. Increasing in salary, reduce tax and subsidise food, petrol and transportation won't change public demand on salary for their welfare. What most important is life style. What we need for our life. Go to basic. Most of our expenditure will go back to our job such as transportation, petrol, tol, telephone bills, etc. Second may be our food. Most of us wasting money for excess food, entertainment, tv, etc. Which need to pay electric bills. If government want to help, changing, control and maintain life style are important.

Our culture: as long we can move, breath and eat, we are healthy. BUT look at our symptoms.