Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Examination is a ceremonial, true assessment, or just a challenge to show the best achievement in the semester. True teaching and learning assessment may be by showing individual assessment to the professors by helping day to day of professors work in searching for new knowledge. Passing the examination is probably not a true measurement tools in measuring knowledge gained during studies in the university.

We need to expose young students in field biology in order to encourage young graduates majoring in field biology or ecology. We need more trainers, money and creating new opportunities in extreme field biology. Malaysia as tom megabiodiversity country we deserve to have many field biology. We need money for this project and it must be recognised.


I have a dream to work on this subject after introduced by japanese scientists on biologing BUT time, money, complete opportunity and my own capacity I cannot join the group in Stanford. But we discussed a lot in Tokyo on many aspects of biologing and extreme field biology. We need young Malaysian to be involve this extreme research. Research culture need to be developed from young. The way we exposed to extreme field biology need to be change and started as early age as possible. We need a good strategic plan and clear mind set on this.


Bluefin: Japan’s favourite big fish, but for how long? Japanese scientists are very advance in marine science and fisheries, however they still worried about future tuna especially bluefin tuna. CAN Malaysia with CTI and other maritime areas support tuna fishing industries.

100% farmed tuna, reared at Kinki.
Kinki University tuna