Monday, February 28, 2011

politic on campus; staff politic or students politic

Students must learn how to follow rules and regulations. For the Islamic groups, especially, there were same issues and actions since 1970s. Those are active in demonstration in 1970s, now are at the seniour positions in the government departments. Why when they were students, they fought for free corruption and transparency, but now the corruptions are still there and the younger generation are still fighting for corruption and transparency. This issues like a cycle and continue and never ending. WHY UNENDING ISSUES?

Science & Technology Development in Malaysia

How Malaysia plan for future Science and Technology. Number of scientists, world class exposure, publication and innovation, leadership and Research grants (money)? OR NATO (No Action Talk Only.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Parent Teachers Association

Standard for Quality Education in Malaysia Schools

The school evaluated based on their infrastructure, teaching and learning, administration, examination results, co-curricular activities, discipline and the schools’ relationship with their parent-teacher associations.

PTA can play an important role to bring the school to a better standard.

Educating children not just academic and passing exam with good grades but including personal development to be a good citizen in the future. Therefore quality education, in general as in the diagram above.

PTA too can contribute to National Policy on Science & Technology

Friday, February 25, 2011

How Far The Values of Our Food Were Documented: Research in Food Sciences in High Demand

Kuala Selangor Nature Park: Ecology Education and Ecotourism Destination

Beside interaction with wild animals, we can learn about mangrove and their ecosystem. At the moment, Kuala Selangor Nature Park (KSNP)is managed by Malaysian Nature Society. Malaysian Nature Society provide guide for those needed. School children can visit KSNP for their ecology subject and ourdoor laboratory activities.
Kuala Selangor Nature Park is another ecotourism destination. Bird lovers will see more than 100 species of birds including migratory birds. Other interesting animals are silver leaf monkeys.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cara berfikir dan tindakan pemimpin mahasiswa sekarang meragukan dan tidak meyakinkan kepimpinan negara masa hadapan

Dengan memahami proses alam semulajadi, manusia akan lebih berfikir tentang keindahan, keseimbangan, kesempurnaan dan kesinambungan ciptaan Tuhan. Alam semulajadi boleh menjadi pengajaran dalam memimpin masyarakat peringkat diri sendiri, keluarga, masyarakat, organisasi dan negara. Sains membentuk keperibadian pemimpin.

Apakah arah haluan politik mahasiswa kita di kampus

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our students are matured enough for open politic in campus?

Students election on campus to elect their representative in the Students Representative Council in the university. Since many years a go the students formed their team similar or duplicating the political parties outside the campus. So, many think that the political scenario on campus reflecting the political scenario outside. Why this thing happened?. University is the training ground for students. There should be no interference from political parties outsides. Left the students alone and let them take the chance to exercise their training and right. BUT our students must be matured enough to judge and practice their right. 2020 just 9 more years. Selangor, Melaka already declared that they are developed states. What university students can contribution or prepare them self for 2020 OR back to 1970s, living in the culture of protest and demonstration. Scenario in middle east now does not reflect our situation in Malaysia. We have different culture, issues, mission, population and direction! What professors in the university can do to help the students think wisely and prepare and focus for their future and 2020. Malaysia need more scientists not demonstrators.

Biodiversity issues not just for the scientist but for all

Biodiversity issues in Malaysia is not just for the scientists, nature lovers and NGOs. It is belong to all. In fact now it become the political issues. Tiger attacked orang Asli was commented by politician. Tiger sanctuary also commented by politician. Therefore all Malaysian including politician need to talk about biodiversity.
All the experts need to talk on the scientific point of view. Then the administrators, scientists and NGOs should discuss and later will involve the politician to coordinate on the discussion, protection and conservation of the biodiversity. Research grants and education are very important. A specific budget need to be allocated.
Malaysia is recognised as one of top 12 mega-biodiversity in the world. How far we respond to this recognition?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

correction and transformation in administration

Before we transform the administration we need to do many things and steps. Among them is correction!
Each department need to do their own correction and transformation to achieve institution and country mission.
All leaders of the department must clear their task, plan, train their staff, understand the job specs and task to achieve the mission. Every body in the department or institution work for the same mission and objectives.
How to blend the technology and human support in doing correction and transform the administration systems, procedures, monitoring its effective procedures, instructions and technology. Definately high skills technicians and managers are needed in linking and applying technology and human support. Get out from our own prison, clean and organise our system (node, circulation, pumping, transmittion and filtering systems) and later we transform together for the world.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Food to Eat

Fruits and Veggies Contaminated by Chemicals

Veggies and fruits can be contaminated by pesticides and heavy metals through the application of chemicals in agricultural practice. Anything to do with food, health and toxicity of food, government must monitor the food quality. Randomly all fruits and vegetables must be analysed for hazardous chemical content. Research on simple and effective methods for hazardous chemicals analysis in food is an urgent issue.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Conflict of Business, Development, Sand, Flood and Wildlife

Many do not know that wildlife can be a good indicator for environment health and care taker for environmental equilibrium. We need to understand them well. Understand their habitat, population, composition, behaviour and human interaction.
For human benefit we need development, house, space, jobs and comfortable environment to live. BUT we cannot allow the greedy business people to dictate our needs for their profit.There is no detail studies on the effect of sand mining on wildlife habitat. The only active studies were on how to extract sand from rivers effectively.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mahasiswa Kini Pemimpin Akan Datang

Para Profesor memainkan peranan yang sangat penting dalam menyediakan mahasiswa sebagai tenaga profesional dimasa hadapan. Kekuatan sesebuah negara akan datang bergantung kepada ilmuan di universiti sekarang. Maka pihak pemerintah sekarang patut melihat perkara ini dengan serius dan objektif. Budaya "arnab dan karot" sahaja akan membawa arah pemikiran masyarakat kepada budaya yang akan menjual negara kepada orang lain yang lebih berteknologi, kreatif dan berani.Budaya menyalahkan orang lain akan membina sikap mengambil peluang dan menindas untuk membina kekayaan sendiri. Maka rahsuah akan bermaharaja lela dikalangan orang yang berani, kreatif dan berilmu ini. Bagi orang Islam Iman dan Takwa sangat penting. Sebab itulah ada orang mengatakan "KPI=Kerja Penuh Iman"
Mahasiswa yang berani, kreatif, berilmu dan berpeluang menjadi pemimpin semasa di universiti ambillah peluang tanggungjaawb menjadikan negara yang selamat dan berdaulat berterusan.

Balancing Nature and Wellness

Since 15 century European recognised our biodiversity and its importance in human life. Many professors and politician too recognised that and Malaysia supported with many Policies. BUT!!!! how far we implement those ideas, agreement and policies. A specific top down grants need to be allocated for biodiversity research.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Kisah Kucing dan manusia

kucing tolong baca tesis.
kucing rosakkan barang-barang perhiasan kaca dan kain renda.
kucing berunding untuk pinda intelok atau buat novel baru "kuching"

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Academic staff should be trusted

So may be no need to punch in or out unless you are in the office. Any way all academician are clear their KPI (Lecture time table, post graduate students supervision, research and its output/publications and extension work).

The Future of Islamic Science

How Science in Muslim Worlds going to develop if;
1. After the Second World War, most Islamic lands are still depending on western powers even after independent especially related to economic and political powers.
2. Issues of Palestinians, Iraq and other middle east countries are continuously highlighted.
3. Reestablished activities to strengthen the cultural barrier between the West and Islam and to distort the image of Islam continue and participated by many Islamic countries without looking back the history.
4. Globalisation and domination of culture, language and life style change the thinking ofe future generation.
5. Monopoly of higher education systems by introducing various systems forced all thirds world including Islamis countries to follow.We must realize that:
Science appeared in the Nile Valley, Syria and Mesopotamia continued uninterrupted over thousands of years, reaching its peak during the Islamic period, less than 200 years ago. There is a solid substratum to the civilization of the Muslim world in crafts and industrial skills inherited over thousands of years. After the Second World War, some Islamic countries started to industrialize and thousands of work¬shops and industrial plants were established in all Muslim cities.
Science and technology finds no cultural barriers. During historic times, science flourished only when an empire or a nation became mighty and rich, because it depends on the infrastructure provided by the existence of affluence. This is amply demonstrated through¬out Islamic history.
The Islamic world is rich in human resources, rich in petroleum and other natural resources.
Most of the oil-rich countries are small in size. Each cannot by itself create an effective science and technology, or an independent in¬dustrial economy.
Though most individual Islamic states now realize the importance of science and technology for their future development, and though some have achieved considerable success along this road, future progress in all Muslim countries, rich or poor, depend on the extent of economic co-operation and integration among them on a regional basis.
What the Muslim world should do for SCIENCE?
1. Be united; respect and understand the mission.
2. Stabilise economy and politic of Muslim Countries.
3. Identify requirement and develop the strategies with right person at the right time, place and mission.
4. Use all natural resources (human resources and economic resources)
5. Take care of the environment for better food and environment to live.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Recipe, serving and tasting

make sure we taste our recipe first before serving to people. And never serve half cook food.

Effective Leadership

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The contributions of Islamic scientists and technologists in the varied fields of knowledge were fascinating and are discussed in the various histories of science. These contributions of science, using mainly the medium of Arabic, were made by a wide variety of individuals — Muslim and non-Muslim — living in a multi­national and multiracial society. The universal religion of Islam provided the matrix within which the multiracial and multicultural Islamic society could subscribe to a universal science. The ethnic and cultural diversity of the Islamic world was a source of strength and creativity to the movement of scientists, ideas and products.
During the first centuries of Islam, the rulers pursued policies which promoted rationality, communications, trade and economic prosperity. These policies increased the demand for science and technology. Almost every aspect of life — from agriculture to health and prayers — depended on some scientific or technical activity. The challenging question that is always asked is: what were the causes of the decline of scientific work in Islam, and why did the gap in modern science and technology become so great between the West and Islam from the end of the sixteenth century?
This can be confirmed by law of supply and demand. After sixteenth century, the demand in science in Europe increase and Muslim world just witnessed it. The stability, prosperity and civilization of Muslim countries before created a great demand in science and make scientific community more active. The decrease of interest in the rational sciences and the continued interest in the study of the religious sciences are unrelated EVEN THOUGH strongly influence the society. The decrease interest in science was actually a symptom of the economic weakness of the Islamic states and of their decreasing political power.
High demand and need for science and technology was during the Golden Age of the Islamic Empire. The rational sciences would have continued to progress without interruption. In Islam, there was no single religious authority that controlled the whole educational system, and this left the system free and not dominated by orthodoxy. The rise of scientists and the flourishing of the rational sciences in the Golden Age reflected the prosperity of the empire and its strength, and the large number of mathematicians, astronomers, physicians, engineers and other kinds of scientists was in response to the needs of society and of the empire in that period. Can Malaysia repeat the history? Or let everybody just talk politic!