Monday, April 29, 2013

We cannot wait until one small issues blown up in the news and try to answer. Now wildlife issues and animal right groups are dominant. The authority must look this seriously. 25years a go I told my students, I introduced wildlife ecology and ecotoxicology in Biology Department, UPM because this course is an important course for future developed country. Now development, fragmented forest, human-animal interaction and conflict become an issue. Where are the experts to advice and help.

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    Questions raised about species sustainability after nearly 100000 animals were killed because of conflicts with humans.
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      4 days ago – Wildlife campaigners have condemned the Malaysian government for culling almost 100000 monkeys using “inhumane” methods.
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      Mar 29, 2013 – Culling is not the final answer to the monkey problem. Animals which are so successful in reproduction and so adaptive to human environments ...
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      Mar 29, 2013 – Culling is not the final answer to the monkey problem. Animals, which are successful in reproduction and adaptive to human environments, will ...
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      4 days ago – On the hilly eastern fringes of Kuala Lumpur, where the suburbs meet the jungle, people run, bike and play golf. Others simply come to watch ...
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      Mar 26, 2013 – Macaque monkey cull. A long-tailed macaque pauses at the newly completed River Safari on Monday, March 25, 2013 in Singapore.

    Need an urgent setup to analyse and action on the wildlife-human conflict in general and case by case.

    Massive Malaysia monkey cull spurs concerns

    Questions raised about species sustainability after nearly 100,000 animals were killed because of conflicts with humans.

      Last Modified: 24 Apr 2013 07:25
    Many Malaysians were shocked to discover that the country's wildlife department viewed the long-tailed macaque as a pest - and killed 97,119 last year across the country.
    No recent scientific survey of the macaque population has been completed, critics say, and such an aggressive approach to controlling their numbers could push the species to the brink of extinction.
    The past 30 years has seen rapid economic development across much of Southeast Asia, including Malaysia. Much of the monkeys' traditional forest habitat has been cleared to make way for factories, homes and plantations.
    Problems with macaques are generally a good measure of the overall severity of environmental problems and poor waste management. The first step needed is to get a trustworthy team to census the population without real scientific-based surveys.
    Perhilitan says an "inventory" of the macaque population took place in 2007, which showed there were 740,000 macaques across the peninsula. Depending on the availability of food and habitat, the animal population can expand by as much as seven percent each year
    The wildlife department - known as Perhilitan - insists there is no such risk and the killing is necessary to deal with the rising incidence of human-monkey conflict.
    "The culling was not done in haste, but in the best interests of the public," a government statement said. "Macaques are prolific and able to reproduce very fast, so there is no question of the species being threatened into extinction through culling

    Sunday, April 28, 2013

    We can count how many staff we have, post graduate students we have, post doctoral staff we have because they can help us to generate publication. We have to plan, making strategies, apply research grants and get good candidates.

    Protection, conservation, sustainable use, politic: how many bamboo were cut for flags poles celebrating general election 13.

    Seasonal issues like politicise the issues and topics. BUT MNS continuous and sustain talking and actions on the environmental issues.

    Sunday April 28, 2013

    GE13: MNS remains an apolitical, neutral society

    SEREMBAN: The Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) is an apolitical, neutral society focusing on environmental conservation, its executive director Mohamed Shah Redza Hussein said.
    He stressed that the society was strongly opposed to being used to further any party's political agenda.
    He clarified that MNS president Prof Dr Maketab Mohamed had not challenged DAP's Bentong parliamentary candidate Wong Tack as reported yesterday.
    “Our president's remarks were aimed at general best practices for oil palm cultivation, and is not a challenge to Wong,” he explained.
    Wong came under the spotlight recently when a pro-Barisan Nasional blogger alleged that he owned tracts of land for oil palm cultivation in Sabah.
    Wong responded by saying that his plantation used organic fertiliser instead of weedicide to prevent river pollution.

    Another way of publicity to attract students to come to UPM.

    Come to UPM to experience personality and intelectual development NOT just getting the degree BUT knowledge, Skills and power of adaptability. Therefore the way of UPM publicity should be more on hands on and knowledge and intellectual development . During tapir Day I managed to promote UPM through my way.

     Students understand tropical ecology from Professor NOT just walking  or running through well maintained jungle tracts.
     Walking through jungle tracking as a scientist is different from ordinary tourists.

    Understand more detail about flora and fauna 
    Professor must demonstrate knowledge and skills to develop student's confidence and attract them come to UPM

    Tapir Day at Taman Negara Pahang: Small celebration but big impact interm of locality at Taman Negara, involvement locals schools and orang asal, top management of NRE and Perhilitan and scientists from Malaysia (UPM) and Copenhagen (for sure local top management prefered foregn scientists and forest scientists depending on local scientists for free and local government staff supporting foreign scientists more than local scientists.

     Talk on tapir to school children, more than 200 students from 5 schools in Jerantut and Temerloh area: Good publicity for UPM, no need proposal, series of meeting, letter of approval, budget, and other ISO and type of forms procedures. I just giving orders and done! Thank you MNS.

    Politic in Malaysia: Unity for the country still questionable because at the crucial time same political party is fighting among themself openly. We can argue before decisions are made, BUT after thisgs were decided everymembers must accept for the unity. This comfort life in Malaysia make some political party do not practice unity BUT just fight openly what they want. One day they will know what comfort and peace are all about.

    Safety and security: Continuous logging activities will cause many effects on wildlife, biodiversity and long term economy of the country and the security of future generation. The business man are making money and supporting the general economy of public. BUT they are not free to do anything that disturbing our safety.

    Cyberjaya: Demand for graduates. How universities can support. Vice Chancellors, Deans and Professors must inline with developers.

    Very lucky in other countries can have baby at their own time and place. Some can have unwanted pragnancy too due to active free sex. Living in this world must be guided by nature, culture and religion. And now thinking, High order Thingking (HOT)

    The Star, Saturday April 27, 2013

    Get permission to have baby, teachers told.

    FEMALE teachers in a secondary school in Jiangsu, China, have been asked to apply for approval if they are planning to have a baby, reported Sin Chew Daily.
    The teachers have to submit their applications at least a semester ahead and they can only try to have a baby after the matter had been brought up for discussion at a meeting by the headmaster and the approval letter signed.
    Failure to comply with the ruling will result in punishment, including forfeiture of the teachers' maternity allowance.

    Tapir Day 27 April 2013 (Celebrate every year on 27 April): Thanks to Lim Chia Ying from The Star for her initiative on writing this articles. We need more people talking and writing on wildlife like Tapir.

    Saturday April 27, 2013

    Tapir tribute in Kuala Tahan

    Stories by LIM CHIA YING

    Belum is another important heritage of Malaysian on biodiversity. This 130 million years Belum-Temenggor older than Brazil, need to be explored. Organised scientific expedition need to be done. Yayayas Pulau Banding is already there and need support. Malaysian Nature Society experience in nature expedition together with Perhilitan and Forestry Department should leed. May be we can organise a special fund for Belum-Temenggor expedition involving GLCs, Private companies, Governmentment and universities.

    facilities such as east-west highway bring people to the area and forcing development into the area. understanding on ecotourism, nature conservation need to be well understood. Especially among the locals. Conflict between local hero in politic, orang asal, business man, opportunist must be organized and reduced.
     Continuous training needed. Not many are consistence and persistent enough to do this. Those who are doing it must be recognized and appreciated.