Saturday, October 1, 2016

What are the differences between wife, mistress and escort? What do your wife/mistress/escort do and the others don't? How do you treat them differently? This OLD, CURRENT and FUTURE CULTURE. Why this culture continuously practicing?

Rebecca Owens
Rebecca Owens, I'm an adult and I relationship
Wife is someone who's a life partner, they help with big decisions and are a support.

Mistress is more a physical relationship, though it may be that either party would want to make it more serious at some point. While I think of it as a guy cheating on his wife with a mistress, it may be the wife is fine with it.

Escort is more a business deal, in which money is traded, often for sex but they are sometimes simply for a plus 1. While a mistress relies on the fact that the people involved are both interested, which is how it can develop into a more serious relationship, an escort really doesn't.

I'd think people who keep an escort or mistress on the side usually do it as they're unhappy. In polygamous relationships this is not always the case, but the term of mistress suggests secret to me. Typically an escort is because they don't view it as proper cheating, while mistress can be a full blown affair with love involved. Hence the later can be not because a person is actively unhappy but simply no longer in love with the spouse.

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