Monday, March 28, 2016

We would like to congratulate to the Selangor State Forestry Department for taking action against the illegal encroachment into the Kuala Langat South Forest Reserve and keep the forest in 2010. There were some actions taken such as clear crops, fell oil palm trees and demolish illegal structures by the Selangor government show that the state is committed to protecting the natural heritage of the state. This 5,000 hectares of forest need to be protected and replant the degraded areas with native tree species. We also hope that a system of monitoring can be put in place to prevent further encroachment. Scientists from UKM and UKM are doing research in Langat South found that the forest was extremely rich in species, with a high potential for finding species that had never before been recorded from Malaysia and some which were entirely new to science. We trust that the State government will continue to protect this important forest and thus safeguard this rich biological resource.

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