Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Today I met seniour scientists and discuss on how to improve incomes among the rural people. I gave ideas on small vegetable garden and tilapia culture system for lazy and low income society. Few days ago I talked same thing to the local politicians. I got similar respon; easy to give ideas but not easy to practice. We are scared to apply our knowledge and not dare enough to take risk. End up we let our land empty and our rural community remained poor and open to be politicised.

  • idea noun (SUGGESTION)

A2 [C] a ​suggestion or ​plan for doing something:I've had an idea - why don't we go to the ​coast?"Let's go ​swimming." "That's a good idea!"If you have any ideas for what I could ​buy Jack, ​let me ​know.That's when I first had the idea of ​starting (= ​planned to ​start) my own ​business.I like the idea of living in the ​countryside but I'm not ​sure I'd like the ​reality.She's ​full of bright (= good) ideas.[+ to infinitive] It was Kate's idea to ​hire ​bikes.It's not a good idea to ​drive for ​hours without a ​restImage result for ideas

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