Friday, December 30, 2016

Congratulation!! UPM. for 6 years leading in UI-Greenmetric world university. One thing we need more detail data and display to members of UPM so that they know the criteria and support where they can. eg the utility. many are still not committed in saving energy and water. We need to have more hybrid power, solar energy and normal electricity, automatic switch and sensor. We need to have water saving system such as rain water harvesting systems. Probably we can have treated and recycle water where necessary. We can have chemical filtration system in our waste water from laboratory. Beside that we green the campus with specific plants and can benefit to campus community. By cycle on campus, stop using plastics and polystyrene and recycling activities are among the important one. As old green campus, wide range of disciplines in academic activities surely all can contribute for green campus from infrastructure to recreation, from planting trees to fruits harvesting festival and from shade and colours to healthy and clean environment. What we need are leaders and structure of command. AND don't forget to appreciate and reward the significant contributors. We always forgot the main contributors. In our culture usually only number ONE leaders are appreciated and rewarded. The contributors just standing clapping hands OR probably just smile, drink coffee and go home telling their children "I am proud of contributing to UPM Green Campus",

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