Tuesday, November 29, 2016

MASTIC conducted a study of interests in, attitudes, knowledge, understanding and awareness of the Malaysian people towards STI. This study does not directly measure the extent of public involvement and acceptance of STI programs implemented by the Government. Public Awareness Study was carried out by MASTIC in the biennial since 1996 and the last time in 2014. Beginning in 2008, this study is held once every Malaysia Plan, considering into the trend does not show much change if conducted biennially. The findings of this study is important for policy makers to plan and implement appropriate strategies to ensure that STI is easy to understand and more appealing to civil society in Malaysia. Otherwise the public will benefit through an effective STI, which it will have a positive impact on social and economic development. WE NEED TO TACKLE THE ISSUES ACCORDING TO THE STUDIES THAT WERE CARRIED OUT. IF THE RESULTS ARE RIGHT, THE ACTION TOO MUST REFLECT THE RESULTS. WE CANNOT WAIT ANYMORE IF WE WANT TO COMPETE ATE WORLD LEVEL. OTHERWISE WE ARE JUST FOLLOWER OR CONSUMER.

Overall, Malaysians were interested in STI and only a small percentage was unsure or did not know much about STI (Figure 1).

Most respondents (84% of them) stated that they were interested or very interested in "the use of new inventions and technologies", followed by "new medical discoveries" (79%), "innovation" (78%) and "new scientific discoveries" (76%).

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